Theoretical magazine: Winter 2021

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Why we need theory

The theoretical struggle is a key component of the class struggle. As Lenin explained, without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement. Capitalism is facing the deepest crisis in its history. The ruling class can offer no real way forward for the vast majority of people. That is the reason they spread a whole array of confused and reactionary ideas.

Engels explained that, alongside the economic and political struggle, there was the equally important struggle for theory. The In Defence of Marxism magazine is joining this struggle, as a tool and a weapon for revolutionary class fighters all over the world, offering serious Marxist analysis on theoretical questions and burning issues of the labour movement. Only the ideas of genuine Marxism can act as a guide to action in the struggle to overthrow capitalism on a world scale.

Contents of the new issue

In the new issue #35, Josh Holroyd and Laurie O’Connel look at the origins of class society; analysing the development of the earliest class societies, we can begin to understand the material basis for the oppressive class relations that still exist under capitalism, such as exploitation, the state and inequality (The Origins of Class Society). Lastly, Alan Woods exposes the idea that history is a random series of events or accidents, revealing clear patterns of development going back to the earliest days of human society (Civilisation, Barbarism, and the Marxist view of History).

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