Political Earthquake in Austria

Written by Emanuel Tomaselli Friday, 29 April 2016

norber-hofer franz-johann-morgenbesserThe first round of elections for President of the Republic shocked both the political caste and larger layers of society. The two candidates for parties of the current government (a social democrat-conservative “grand” coalition) together won just 23%, a huge fall when we consider that previously the combined vote for these parties had always been 80-90%. Politics in Austria is now entering a critical stage.


Britain: Blairites stoop to allegations of anti-Semitism to attack Corbyn

Written by Rob Sewell Friday, 29 April 2016

john-mann CCJust a few days before the May elections, the Blairites in the Labour Party have stepped up their war against Jeremy Corbyn, using the slur of “anti-Semitism” to further their aims. By doing so, they are hell-bent on creating a “crisis” within the Party.


Pakistan: 38th Anniversary of Afghanistan’s "Saur revolution" commemorated in Baluchistan University

Written by Baloch Student Organisation (Pajjar) Friday, 29 April 2016

huge-number-of-participantsOn 27 April, the Baloch Students Organization (Pajjar) organized an event commemorating the 38th anniversary of the Saur Revolution of Afghanistan. The event was held in Baluchistan University. Besides students from the Baloch Students Organization, there were also students from the Pashtun Students Federation, the Baloch Action Committee along with progressive teachers, writers and intellectuals. All participants congratulated the BSO for organizing such an event.


Britain: Support strong for junior doctors as the struggle escalates

Written by Socialist Appeal - Britain Thursday, 28 April 2016

no-more-austerity credit-socialist-appealOn Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, junior doctors in England came out on strike once again in defence of their terms and conditions, and in a struggle to save the wider NHS from Tory cuts, attacks, and threats of privatisation.


Chicago Teachers Union Strikes Back

Written by Bradley Roderick Thursday, 28 April 2016

chicago-teachers flickr-peoples-worldChicago Teachers Union (CTU) has been in a militant struggle with the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois for several years. Starting with the Republicans’ “No Child Left Behind” legislation, relentless attacks on students and teachers have followed in the past decade and a half.


The Myth of Social Europe

Written by Josh Holroyd Wednesday, 27 April 2016

social-europe thumb-only-getty-imagesAmidst a chorus of frenzied calls to “get off the fence on Europe”, and under immense pressure from the Labour right-wing to make a positive case for the EU, Jeremy Corbyn made a highly publicised speech on Thursday 15th April in which he set out his case for remaining.


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De la derrota del 6D al referendo revocatorio: ¡Radicalizar la revolución es la única alternativa!

Written by Lucha de Clases - Venezuela Friday, 29 April 2016

venezuela vote yes in the referendum and complete the revolution 1La derrota del pasado 06 de diciembre ha marcado un punto de inflexión para la Revolución Bolivariana. Durante los últimos 17 años, ha habido innumerables oportunidades de completar la revolución mediante la expropiación de la burguesía y el desmantelamiento del estado burgués, pero, lamentablemente, esta tarea no ha sido llevada a cabo.


El agotamiento de las reservas del capitalismo

Written by Ben Peck Wednesday, 27 April 2016

o mal do mundoLa crisis capitalista de 2008 fue rescatada con una enorme transfusión de dinero público hacia los bancos. El sistema ha sobrevivido de esta manera desde entonces.


Gran Bretaña: Corbyn se fortalece. La organización Momentum avanza, es la hora de pasar a la ofensiva

Written by James Kilby Tuesday, 26 April 2016

momentum-largeDespués de un período de meses tras su formación inicial, Momentum - el movimiento pro-Corbyn dentro y en torno al Partido Laborista - ha dado el paso significativo de convertirse en una organización de miembros afiliados. Al tomar  esta medida para fortalecer la organización  Momentum, se reforzará la posición de la izquierda dentro del Laborismo. Esto, a su vez, servirá para consolidar la posición de Corbyn frente el ala derecha del Partido Laborista que está conspirando para derribar al nuevo líder laborista.