Update on Peking University Marxist Society

Zhan Dou Zhe, the author of our previous article, "China: Marxist Society faces closure for supporting striking workers," has obtained news that as of 25 September, the Peking University Marxist Society finally found a faculty advisor and were able to complete their registration.

A new post, published by the MS, recounted two cases of student gendarmes being sent by the YCL into the MS to gather information and even provoke divisions among the ranks. The PKU MS eventually garnered enough support and attention to pressure the YCL into negotiations and in the end they were provided with a faculty advisor.

There appears to be some discussions about similar experiences of Marxist student groups on other campuses facing similar obstructions from their school administrations. We need to continue to observe the developments.

In the meantime, PKU MS members, such as Yue Xin, and a number of workers who participated in the JASIC unionization effort remain in detention. Please sign the petition to call for their release!

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