Mexico: state of siege in Oaxaca - For a revolutionary answer to repression

The armed forces have been used against the working people of Oaxaca in Mexico. The real face of the Mexican ruling class has been shown to the masses. Here we publish a statement by the comrades of the Marxist tendency, Militante, in Mexico on what measures the movement should take now.

On the current situation that has developed in Oaxaca as a result of the attempt to destroy the movement against Ulises Ruiz, governor of Oaxaca, we make the following points:

1) In the current circumstances a movement cannot be erased simply with the boot of repression. More than 15 people have already been assassinated by the ruling class - through its military and paramilitary agencies - and this has only served to underline the need for the bringing down of the killer governor.

2) The ruling class has built a weak alliance between its two main political parties, the PRI and the PAN, which is founded on a kind of pact of self-preservation against the struggles of the oppressed people. This is a weak alliance, for as soon as one of them sees that the other one is lost, it will abandon it without remorse.

3) The working masses can defeat this alliance, but for this concrete steps forward need to be taken, not only in the form of declarations but in practice. Unity is today more needed than ever, the masses in struggle are demanding it and those leaders who in one way or another are taking their time over it, are playing the game of the ruling class, which is interested in maintaining divisions so that they can deal with the different struggles separately and defeat them.

4) Workers today are facing a wave of repression. There have been kidnappings, torture, assassinations, and political prisoners, affecting the PRD, the trade unions and peasant organisations. However, there are no signs of tiredness on the part of the masses, this means that all the conditions are present for a bold initiative of mobilisations and for this to achieve a partial victory, which could include firstly the bringing down of Ulises Ruiz, and then the fall of Felipe Calderon. Only in this way can we prevent a more militarised repressive regime from being installed in Mexico over the next few years.

5) It is urgent to carry out methods of struggle that can achieve the unity of all the oppressed, which demonstrate our strength and that cannot be stopped by repression because of their widespread and generalised character. This can be nothing short of a general strike or a national civic stoppage.

6) In every factory, workplace, university, high school, in the neighbourhoods and towns, we must set up committees of action in order to prepare for the following actions:

a) To agitate for the calling of the general strike within the PRD, the trade unions, neighbourhood committees and also in the popular assemblies which are starting to spread throughout the country.

b) Protective measures for the activists and the worker and youth organisations. We must seriously discuss the setting up of committees to link up the different organisations and to stay in permanent contact, so that if repression strikes we can fight back in a united manner.

c) We must strengthen our own media, be those papers, internet sites, community radio stations, etc.

d) We must organise local and regional meetings in order to establish coordination for the mobilisations that are being organised. This includes the setting up of defence committees and united strategies to fight back against repression and to be able to isolate provocateurs.

e) Promote resolutions calling for the unity of all forces in struggle, pointing out the need for the fall of the current government and for the setting up of a government based on the popular assemblies and the National Democratic Convention, as the only way to stop the increase of the wave of repression.

6) The ruling class has shown its real face, we must abandon any illusions about the possibility of reaching long lasting agreements with this government; either we overthrow it or difficult times will lie ahead.

7) Now is the moment to join the long-term struggle to transform the system. From this government we cannot expect anything but more misery, repression and lies. From capitalism in general we cannot expect anything but exploitation. We must struggle for the overthrow of this government as a first step towards the radical transformation of society. Only the united strength of the masses of urban and rural workers can take this struggle to a victorious conclusion.

8) The Marxist Tendency "Militante" is a front line fighter in the struggle and it is open to all those who are prepared to fight until the end, that is, until victory. We are waiting for those comrades who are bold and ready to join us in this struggle, which, despite all the attacks, is advancing day by day.

9) Dozens have already fallen at the hands of this murderous ruling class. It depends on us to make sure that their sacrifice has not been in vain. We must accept the commitment to get organised and prepare ourselves so that the ruling class pays for its crimes.

Long live the struggle of the APPO

Long live the unity of the working people

United and organise, we will win