Brazil: Alan Woods visits the PCB

Report from the PCB website:The National Secretariat of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) received this morning (April 4th) the visit of British Marxist intelectual Alan Woods, who is in Brazil to participate in a number of public meetings and political activities. Woods was accompanied by his comrade Luiz Bicalho, from the International Marxist Tendency, organized in Brazil in the Marxist Left.

PCB_PinheroThe two delegations, meeting in the national headquarters of the PCB, discussed their points of view about the international situation, as well as the situation in Latin America and Brazil, where there was agreement in most issues debated.

“We agree on something fundamental: in today’s class struggle there is no possibility of alliances with the bourgeoisie”, said Woods, after hearing from PCB general secretary, Ivan Pinheiro, a short explanation of the resolutions of the XIV Congress of the Party. “In this sense, the ideological struggle against liquidationism and reformism in the communist parties is very important”, added Woods, referring to the process of revolutionary reconstruction of the Party, which since its XIII Congress in 2005 abandoned any trace of stageism in the analysis of the revolutionary process in Brazil, clearly defending its socialist character.

For the general secretary of the PCB, it is important that the Marxist Left should analyse the proposal of the building of an Anticapitalist and Anti-imperialist Front in Brazil. In his opinion, “the visit of the comrades of the IMT was of crucial importance for the strengthening of our relationship and our unity of action, not only in the struggle for socialism in Brazil, but also as an exercise of proletarian internationalism at this time when imperialism is suffering its worst crisis and becomes more aggressive”.

In the evening of the same day, a delegation from the PCB attended a sound public meeting by Alan Woods at the Sindipetro-RJ (oil workers union), about the rebellion of the Arab people and the crisis of capitalism.

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