[Book] Reformism or revolution. Marxism and socialism of the 21st Century (Reply to Heinz Dieterich)

This book by Alan Woods is a polemic against a well-known (in Latin American terms) intellectual Heinz Dieterich. Dieterich claims to have invented a new "Socialism of the 21st Century" and much else into the bargain. He offers a great deal of advice to those involved in the Venezuelan Revolution dressed up in all manner of revolutionary rhetoric. However, when you clear away all the verbiage that surrounds his "new" socialist philosophy, there remains nothing new at all, simply a rehash of stale petty-bourgeois ideas of the past. The author of "Reformism or Revolution" seeks to answer Dieterich's extravagant claims and in doing so defends the real ideas of Marxism on a whole host of questions and in particular the way forward for the Venezuelan and world revolution.



Author’s Preface

  1. Methodology

  2. Philosophy and science

  3. Dieterich and historical materialism

  4. History and economics

  5. Socialism utopian and scientific

  6. An outline of Marxist economics

  7. The economics of Socialism of the 21st Century

  8. Socialism or Stalinism?

  9. The future of the Cuban Revolution

  10. Nationalism or internationalism?

  11. The state and revolution

  12. The Venezuelan Revolution


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