Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority daily wageworkers’ appeal

We received this appeal from the temporary, "daily wage", workers in the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. They have been working there for years but can be sacked at a moment's notice.

Dear Workers of the World!

We are 3,000 workers who have been working in the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority on daily wages for the last 10 to 15 years. These include employees with education from secondary level up to graduation and post graduation. We are paid on a daily basis and for every day a worker is absent there is a cut in the wage of that day. We are not given medical care, transport or any kind of allowance.

All the time uncertainty prevails as we can be kicked out at a moment's notice. Many employees have been kicked out for petty mistakes. Duty hours are double those of the permanent staff and the biggest dilemma is that the daily wage workers are looked upon with contempt.

Also many of us are now quite advanced in age now and can't get employment in any other sector. Whenever we ask any official to regularize us, his response is that we should keep on working quietly or go home, otherwise we will be in trouble. We are continuously being ground down in this mill of despair.

Dear Workers!

In the last few years many new permanent workers were taken on, but the Civil Aviation Authority is under the control of the Ministry of Defence, and therefore mostly the take-in has been made up of relatives and friends of the Army Generals. Also retired Army officers are being employed on heavy packages. Moreover, dozens of people are employed under the Director who come solely to loot on a contract of two years and then disappear.

The Director General of this department employs people in executive posts on a salary of 700,000 rupees ($10,769) per month, while the workers on lower grades are not being given their due rights. Recently three bonuses were announced for the permanent workers but the daily wage workers have nothing but misery and wretchedness.

We appeal all the workers to raise their voice against this injustice and cruelty. We poor cannot afford the costs of courts and our living conditions are deteriorating with rising inflation. We demand being taken on as permanent workers with all the benefits and we know this can only be done through the joint struggle of all the workers.

Friends! This is not the problem of just three thousand workers but three thousand families.

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