Venezuela: Chavez closing rally fills 7 avenues

While the world's media was looking the other way, a huge sea of red filled the whole of central Caracas last night in the closing rally of the election campaign of Hugo Chávez. 

While opposition candidate Henrique Capriles had partially filled the Bolivar Avenue, Chavez supporters packed that and another 6 huge avenues, despite the pouring rain. The world's media decided to completely ignore the rally or to downplay it by publishing close up shots of Chavez or alleging (without any proof), that those present were state employees who had been forced or paid (or both) to attend. 

Here are some pictures which you will not see in the capitalist media, that give a partial impression of the event, starting with a map of the area covered. (All pictures, videos and maps taken from the Patria Grande website)

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