Britain: Hands off Corbyn! Defeat the Blairite coup!

The fat is on the fire. A right-wing coup is under way to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. This shabby coup, instigated by Labour's Tory Tendency, has been prepared a long time ago by those who never accepted his democratic election by an overwhelming majority. They are the Blairites: right-wing Tories who infiltrated the Labour Party to further their careers. They are indistinguishable from the Tories in their dress, manners, outlook and ideas.

Half the shadow cabinet have shown themselves to be snakes in the grass and have resigned. This mass resignation was prompted by Corbyn removing Hilary Benn from his role as shadow foreign minister - a position he was using to mobilise right-wing Labour MPs for the attempted coup against the democratically elected Labour leader.

The reality is that these Blairite MPs have been waging a guerrilla war against Corbyn and the Labour membership that elected him ever since his leadership victory. They have been consistently attempting to undermine him at every turn. Previously it was accusations of anti-Semitism. Now it is the accusation that Jeremy is to blame for Brexit.

The guerrilla war has now boiled over into an open civil war, with a host of Blairites resigning from the shadow cabinet. We say good riddance! These self-seekers should not simply resign from the shadow cabinet but from the Labour Party.

They are pushing through a motion of no confidence in Corbyn. We should push no confidence votes in them. It is they who should resign.

If they are unhappy with the Labour leader - who was democratically elected by the rank and file - they should set up their own party and chose their own leader.

While in the party, these Blairites will never stop their sabotage. They represent the interests of capitalism within the party. They hate Corbyn as he is too left wing. They want him to be more "moderate", like the Tories. They are doing everything to undermine him.

This unacceptable situation cannot be tolerated any longer. The right wing have thrown down the gauntlet. It is now a fight to the finish.

We must meet the challenge. The membership must be mobilised to defend Jeremy. He should call an emergency national conference of the party to decide the issue and take the necessary measures to allow the members to decide.

Already, almost 190,000 (at the time of writing) have signed a petition calling for a vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. The leaders of the Labour-affiliated unions have also come out publically in support of Corbyn, backing him against the Blairite coup attempt.

Momentum is mobilising its forces too, and have called for a massive rally outside Parliament at 6pm tomorrow (Monday 27th June) in defence of our Labour leader. We call on all our readers to attend.

Momentum must now come out fighting against the Blairite gangsters who are behind this attempted coup. There must be an immediate campaign to reintroduce the mandatory reselection of MPs. Let the membership decide who should be their representatives. This is a democratic right, which Socialist Appeal has long been arguing for.

In opposing the Blairites, Socialist Appeal supporters have been bureaucratically expelled from the party by right wing officials in the McCarthyite "Compliance Unit". These are the very people who are attacking Jeremy. We must put an end to this purge and these comrades must be immediately reinstated.

Like a dirty stable, the Parliamentary Labour Party must be cleaned out once and for all. Jeremy started a revolution in the Labour Party. We need to complete it. We want a socialist Labour Party that fights for working people, not party infested with right-wing careerists.

  • Defeat the coup! Defend Corbyn!
  • Kick out the Blairites!
  • Fight the Tories! Fight for socialist policies!