The APCA (All-Pakistan Clerical Association) Azad Kashmir is on hunger strike

After all the promises of help, the Pakistani government has forgotten the workers of Kashmir who suffered terribly during the 2005 earthquake. Now the workers are demanding their rights. They need you solidarity!

The APCA (the All-Pakistan Clerical Association) is on hunger strike in three devastated districts of Azad Kashmir and they are demanding:

1. The government promised to give one year's salary to those who were affected by the earthquake but they did not pay this. So the workers are demanding that these should be paid soon.

2. The government announced it would cancel the payment of utility bills in the devastated areas for a year, but it did not act on this so the workers are now demanding that this promise be carried out.

3. The workers' loans should be cancelled. Because of the devastation they cannot pay these loans.

The workers of the Azad Kashmir, those who lost all their hope in the October 2005 earthquake, have now embarked on a struggle for their rights. But they cannot win this war alone. They need the help of the workers of the world. They need the solidarity from all over the world. Please send messages to:

An injury to one is an injury to all!

PTUDC Kashmir, January 12, 2007