Burundi on the brink after army deposed Nkurunziza

Written by Ben Morken Thursday, 14 May 2015

burundi protests 2015-thThe situation has developed dramatically in Burundi. Weeks of struggle by the masses against President Nkurunziza’s plan to stand for yet another term in office have led to deep splits in the state apparatus. The entire regime has been shaken to its core. But in the absence of a party capable to lead the masses, the vacuum has been filled by sections of the army.


Burundi: mass protests shake the regime

Written by Ben Morken Friday, 01 May 2015

mass-revolt4The fragile Great Lakes region of central Africa has been thrown into turmoil over the the past few days. Police unleashed violence against protesters in Burundi after the current president, Pierre Nkurunziza announced on Saturday, 25 April, that he intends to run for a third term as president. This unconstitutional move is undermining the Arusha Peace Agreement, which ended the 13 year civil war. It risks pushing the entire Great Lakes region into chaos and instability, and a possible return to another war.


South Africa: Socialism or barbarism! Stop xenophobia - fight capitalism!

Written by Ben Morken in South Africa Monday, 20 April 2015

jacob zuma in 2008 thThe recurrence of the barbaric violence against mainly African immigrants in some parts of South Africa over the past week has once again shone the spotlight on the worsening situation which is developing in the country. These reactionary attacks go against the whole grain of the history of the South African workers’ movement which was mainly born out of the need to combat this kind of racist and xenophobic violence and discrimination and to unite all oppressed layers of society under the umbrella of working class solidarity.


Nigeria general election: Buhari’s victory and the gathering storm

Written by Workers' Alternative – Nigeria Tuesday, 07 April 2015

general buhari holding a broom at a campign rallyAfter sixteen years in power, the PDP has finally been removed by the Nigerian masses. This is a direct consequence of the mass movement that erupted in January 2012. Buhari has been elected by enthusiastic masses in the hope that he will provide real change. But his programme remains one of continuation of privatisations and sell-offs. It will not be long before the Nigerian masses realise this from their own living experience.


South Africa: "Rhodes Must Fall" , Capitalism must fall!

Written by Ben Morken Tuesday, 07 April 2015

rhodes-must-fall1Over the last three weeks, students, lecturers and workers at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have been demanding that management remove a statue of Cecil John Rhodes – a 19th century British colonialist whose destructive imperialist legacy is still remembered across much of Southern Africa to this day. However, the issues that have been brought up by the students in the wake of the campaign are much broader and more far-reaching than the mere removal of a statue. The "Rhodes Must Fall Campaign", which was started by a handful of students, has mushroomed into a furious country-wide debate over the need for radical change.


Nigeria: The 2015 general election and the gathering storm

Written by Musa Atiku and Ola Kazeem Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Nigeria revolutionWith the oil price below $60 per barrel and with the significant collapse of Nigeria’s oil market as a result of the US’s zero importation from Nigeria since July 2014, it is clear that the Nigerian economy is facing a serious crisis. This situation has been made even more serious by the fact that the crisis comes at a time when Nigeria’s foreign reserves stand at less than $34billion.


South Africa: The State of the Nation and the Crisis of Capitalism

Written by Ben Morken Monday, 09 March 2015

sona-eff-2015The dust still has not to settled after the stormy start to this year’s parliamentary year. The extraordinary events of 12 February and in the days which followed it, have thrown South Africa into a maelstrom of political crisis, which is at bottom a reflection of the crisis of the capitalist system.


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