After the Russian revolution, the German workers could have taken power on several occasions, only to be thwarted by their leaders, the Social Democrats who openly betrayed and the Communists who unfortunately made a number of tragic mistakes. The defeat of the German revolution led to the barbaric regime of Hitler. Pierre Broué provides an account of those events that all fighting workers and youth should read.

Earlier this year, Alan Woods wrote an article on the slogan of the constituent assembly being put forward by a number of revolutionary groups in Argentina. The article explained that this was a bourgeois-democratic slogan, applicable to a country without democratic rights or parliament, and that in the present circumstances it could sow dangerous illusions. Rob Sewell looks as the lessons of the German Revolution of 1918.

Fundación Federico Engels is publishing a new edition of Trotskyís book on Germany. Alan Woods runs through the events that finally led to the defeat of the German working class. The leaders of the German Communist Party - advised by Zinoviev, Stalin and co. - had a big responsibility in that historic defeat. It also deals with the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1920s and early 1930s. This tragic event could have been avoided had the leaders of the German labour movement had a clear understanding of genuine Marxism.

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