World Perspectives

We present the International Marxist Tendency's world perspectives for 2018: as debated, amended and agreed upon by delegates at our 2018 World Congress. The following is the IMT's analysis of the current situation in world politics, and predictions about where we are headed.

In this talk from the 2018 IMT World Congress, Alan Woods (editor of In Defence of Marxism) discusses the perspectives for world revolution. Alan emphasises the volatility and turbulence seen on a world scale, with the situation – and consciousness – changing in a matter of days on the basis of events.

Donald Trump welcomed the New Year in his own inimitable manner: surrounded by his social and political clan in the opulent surroundings of his exclusive Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, accompanied by a representative gathering of all segments of US society – from movie stars to billionaires.

Speaking at the recent World School of the International Marxist Tendency, held at the end of July 2017, Alan Woods - editor of In Defence of Marxism, - discusses the current turbulence and volatility in the global economic, political, and social situation. From the crisis in the Middle East, to the election of Trump, and the rise of the Corbyn movement in Britain: everywhere the old order is crumbling and a process of polarisation and radicalisation is taking place.

The following draft document was discussed at the World Congress of the International Marxist Tendency in July 2016. The main aim of the document is to define the main economic, social and political trends in the world today and to develop a perspective for the class struggle in the next period. The document was originally drafted in October 2015. [You can read the final version of the document, which was passed at the congress here as


More than a decade ago, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the strategists of Capital launched an unprecedented ideological offensive against socialism and Marxism. For them, capitalism had won. However, what had collapsed was not socialism, but a system of bureaucratic rule, i.e., Stalinism. Nevertheless, this ferocious offensive had the effect of starting an ideological stampede to the right within the working class movement internationally.

The December events in France, followed by the upsurge of the strike movement in Belgium marks an important turn in the international situation. These events underline the fact, already anticipated in the 1992 World Perspectives document, that we are entering into an entirely new period on a world scale. While it is impossible to predict in advance the exact time-scale of events, or accurately plot the inevitable ups and downs of the movement in different countries, it is clear that the world crisis of capitalism, after an unavoidable delay, is beginning to penetrate the consciousness of the masses in one country after another. This is a fact of the first order of importance for the