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Special page for the workers occupations of Visteon car component factories in Britain.

Visteon workers occupy plantOn Tuesday, March 30, 565 workers at three sites of Visteon in Britain, a car component manufacturer tied to Ford, were given six minutes notice of redundancy. They did not get their last week’s pay, though it turned out that the Friday before around four or five hundred quid had been deposited in each of their accounts in place of redundancy pay. The same night, Belfast workers occupied their factory demanding jobs or proper compensation. And the next morning workers at Enfield decided to take over their site too.

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How you can help the Visteon workers win their dispute

  1. Visit the factory and demonstrate your support and keep morale high. It is located at Morson Road EN3 4NQ near Ponders End train station, Enfield.

  2. Do a collection at work.

  3. Send messages of support to and (with a copy to

  4. Go to the rally on Thursday 9 April, 11am
    It was agreed with reps of the occupiers on Monday night at the Trades Council meeting, to call a Rally at the plant on Thursday at 11am.
    The occupiers have, technically, till midday to leave and will be meeting to decide what to do then, following feedback from the meeting with Visteon in NYC.
    Further details and directions here.

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