[Video] Marxism and Morality

Speaking at the 2018 Revolution Festival, Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick of Socialist Appeal provides a Marxist analysis of what role morality plays within class society, and how revolutionaries should derive their ethical framework and decisions.

Many critics of Marxism attempt to paint it as being a cold and inhumane philosophy, far more concerned with economics than ethics.

But, in fact, Marxism has much to offer on the question of morality - not least to point out the outrageous hypocrisy of the scandal-ridden institutions that sanctimoniously preach to the rest of us about how we should live our lives.

What separates Marxism as a philosophy, however, is how it arrives at its morals and principles from a class perspective: from an analysis of what raises consciousness and aids in the revolutionary emancipation of the working class.

In this talk, Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick looks at where our ethical codes and concepts come from under class society, and discusses what the socialist alternative is to the moral bankruptcy of the capitalist establishment.