[Video] Homage to Esteban Volkov, Trotsky’s grandson – speech by Alan Woods at the Leon Trotsky House Museum

On 9 July, a meeting in tribute to Esteban Volkov, grandson of Leon Trotsky, was held at the Leon Trotsky House Museum in Mexico City. A number of invited speakers attended including Alejandro Encinas, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, and Alan Woods. In this video, we present here the moving words of the museum director, Gabriela Pérez Noriega, as Volkov’s ashes were interred with those of his grandfather, and the speech by Alan Woods, leading member of the International Marxist Tendency.

In his speech, Alan pays homage to Esteban, who remained unbroken by the numerous tragedies of his childhood, and who made an invaluable contribution to the revolutionary struggle internationally by tirelessly defending the true legacy of his grandfather, Leon Trotsky. The speeches were delivered in Spanish, but are made available here with English subtitles.

A written report of the event can be found here, and Alan Woods’ obituary of Esteban Volkov can be found here.

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