[Book] The Venezuelan Revolution - a Marxist perspective

This book, originally published in May 2005, is a collection of articles written by Alan Woods and covers the momentous events of the Bolivarian revolution from the April 2002 coup which was defeated by the masses, up until 2005 when president Chavez declared that the aims of the Venezuelan revolution could only be achieved by abolishing capitalism.

Alan Woods writes not from the point of view of an outside observer, but also from the point of view of someone who has energetically engaged in the defence of the Bolivarian revolution, visited the country often where he has spoken at large meetings of workers and peasants and held meetings and discussions with president Chávez.

More than a decade has passed since the publication of the book and the warnings contained within it have come true: the failure to move towards socialism is at the bottom of the crisis facing the Bolivarian revolution today. The analysis put forward in this collection of articles therefore remains relevant and contain many lessons for revolutionary activists, in Venezuela and beyond.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

Revolution and counter-revolution in Venezuela

Chapter 2

Venezuela: The revolution at the point of no return

Chapter 3

The Venezuelan Revolution in danger

Chapter 4

Venezuela between revolution and counter-revolution

Chapter 5

Encounters with Hugo Chávez

Chapter 6

Marxists and the Venezuelan Revolution

Chapter 7

Foxes and Grapes – Sectarian stupidity and the Venezuelan Revolution

Chapter 8

The targets are Venezuela and Cuba: New intrigues of US imperialism

Chapter 9

Theses on revolution and counter-revolution in Venezuela

Chapter 10

As August 15th approaches: Why we are fighting for a "No" next Sunday

Chapter 11

The recall referendum in Venezuela: A crushing blow to the counter-revolution

Chapter 12

The Nationalisation of Venepal: What does it signify?

Chapter 13

Chávez: "Capitalism must be transcended"

Chapter 14

The agrarian revolution: Revolutionary realism versus reformist utopia


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