Director of state-owned Venezuelan petrochemical company in solidarity with Cipla/Interfibra

The Occupied Factories movement in Brazil has received a letter of support from state-owned Venezuelan company, Pequiven.

The Occupied Factories movement in Brazil has received a letter of support from state-owned Venezuelan company, Pequiven

In this letter, the director of Pequiven maintains the terms of the agreement with the Occupied Factories Movement and therefore refuses to hand over raw materials or to provide any help to the factories that are under judicial intervention.

June 20, 2007

Dear Serge Goulart,

Coordinator of the Occupied Factories Movement in Brazil 

Having learnt about the judicial decision, taken at the request of the INSS, of intervention of Cipla and Interfibra, which withdraws control from the workers and the factory committee elected by themselves; I am addressing myself to you and to all those affected by the judicial decision, to express our solidarity with you. 

For this reason we would like to communicate to you that we are suspending any delivery of raw materials or any other help for the factories under outside administration. In accordance with the letter of agreement signed by both sides at the First Gathering of Worker Recovered Companies (October 2005), where it was established in article 10 that: "The present letter of agreement will be rescinded in the following circumstances:

- When the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela no longer has a democratically elected government

- When the workers of the Brazilian Recovered companies no longer have control over them 

Regarding the raw materials which are now in Brazil at the TBLV company, we ask that you inform them that this should not be given to anybody until further communication. 

Since our agreement, between Pequiven and the Movement of Occupied Factories was a presidential decision, the agreement is suspended until we receive further instructions. 

In solidarity,

Francisco Toro, Director of Pequiven

In other news, a delegation from the Flasko Factory Council met on July 4, with Senator Eduardo Suplicy (PT) who showed solidarity with the workers and promised to endorse a letter to the president of the Republic and the Minister of Social Security asking for an end to judicial intervention.

Further to news that a judge had ordered electricity company CPFL to restore power to Flasko (, the Factory Council has sent us the following clarification:

We would like to report that CPFL did not restore power to Flasko because it has not been yet asked to do so by the Federal Justice of Campinas/SP, as we had published earlier. 

The Federal Judge Dr José Mario Barreto Pedrazolli demanded, in his sentence, the presentation of some documents on the part of the workers, before publishing his ruling. 

The question is that one of these documents depends on another judicial decision that has not yet been taken. Therefore, Flasko continues to be unable to produce and is threatened with closure.

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