El Nacional is the leading bourgeois daily paper in Venezuela. It is hostile to the Bolivarian Revolution and socialism. On Friday 12 August, it carried an article describing the meeting on imperialism at the World Youth Forum, in which over a thousand people heard Alan Woods, the editor of Marxist.com speak.

This summer up to 17,000 young internationalists from 144 countries gathered in Caracas for one week to attend the World Festival of Youth and Students. Ramon Samblas who was there from Britain gives his impression of the festival and the general mood in Venezuela.

Venezuela was the first country to offer help to the United States in dealing with the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Chavez has offered money and personnel to help in the relief operations. The answer of an unnamed "senior State official" was that “unsolicited offers can be counterproductive." They would rather some of their own people died than have the people of the USA see Venezuela for what it is, a country where its people are challenging the very capitalist system upon which so much poverty and devastation is based.

Last week the ultra-right wing US fanatic Pat Robertson made a public statement on TV calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez. Josh Lucker in the USA looks at who Pat Robertson is and looks at his track record.

Although we would not normally reproduce articles from the bourgeois press, we felt that this article, which recently appeared on the BBC news website, would be of interest to our readers and supporters. The article looks at the question of workers' control at the ALCASA aluminium plant in Venezuela.

On Monday, Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition of America and a former presidential candidate, openly called for the assassination of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He revealed the unspoken intentions of US imperialism.