USA: Protest At Delphi World Headquarters January 23

Rank and file United Auto Workers in the USA are picketing the Delphi World Headquarters in Michigan on Monday, January 23. We are republishing their appeal for support and participation, published on Future of the Union. If you are in the area and can make it, be there!

This is an open call to the entire working-class. Soldiers of Solidarity and Rank-n-file autoworkers from around Michigan and the country will be picketing the scene of the crime "Delphi World Headquarters". Delphi World headquarters is located right off Crooks Road Exit!

Monday, January 23, 2006 From 2:30-5:30 pm

Join us at Delphi Headquarters, 5700 Delphi Drive, Troy, Michigan 48098

For More information Visit:

Download this flyer for your work place:

From I-75 North or South, take the Crooks Road Exit (Exit 72). At the bottom of the ramp, from either direction, turn right on Crooks Road.Go about 1/2 mile to Square Lake Road, turn Right. Delphi Headquarters is 1/2 mile down the road on the right. Can't miss it. Park across the street.

We are prepared to strike to:

  • Protect our pensions
  • Protect our benefits
  • Protect our wages
  • Protect our jobs

Delphi invested profits from US operations (our legacy) overseas, and divested in the US in order to undermine our competitiveness. Now they claim they can't afford the "legacy cost." Workers are not waste material that can be disposed of without concern. We are human beings, we are American citizens, we are the backbone of the economy. Accrued, vested, retirement benefits earned by honest work are not the private property of GM/Delphi executives. The pension fund belongs to us. GM/Delphi must be held accountable in the court of law and public opinion.

Corporations are determined to pursue lower nonunion wages in this country and ship jobs overseas. We are determined to fight this ruthless plan to degrade workers and defraud taxpayers. American citizens should not be forced to pay corporate welfare so GM/Delphi can export jobs overseas and import cars and products back to the US tax free.

We refuse to pay the price for mismanagement and fraud.
Yes to corporate accountability.
No to corporate welfare.
Delphi executives should be arrested not rewarded.
Delphi workers should be protected not attacked and extorted.
Soldiers of Solidarity are ready, willing, and able to strike.
We will defend our rights.

We will actively resist the attack on the working class.

When GM/Delphi is done with their attack on us who will be next?

**Please feel free to re-distribute this e-mail and it's information. We will continue to move forward until the spark is lit. Always, until the victory.

January 2006