As the important struggle of the rank and file "Soldiers of Solidarity" at Delphi continues, we can learn much from the experiences of working people across Latin America, a continent in the throes of a revolutionary process. The struggles of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and Mexico are rich in lessons for the US labor movement.

There's no doubt about it: the simmering discontent accumulating beneath the surface of American society is starting to bubble to the surface. As millions of immigrant workers, their families, and supporters participated in the historic "Day Without an Immigrant", a changing mood is emerging across the country. This is the latest editorial from the US Socialist Appeal.

This new video, created by members of the Workers International League in Detroit, vividly documents the militancy of the Soldiers of Solidarity and their struggle at Delphi. Learn more about the SoS here, where you can also send these struggling workers much-needed messages of support. All support to the Soldiers of Solidarity! Click here for the Latest from Gregg Shotwell of the Soldiers of Solidarity. Live Baiit and Ammo #70 - "Women Rule When the Work to Rule".