As Marxists we see no fundamental difference between the two capitalist parties, which in the final analysis defend private property, the market, and the rule of capital. But George Bush Jr.'s "election" indicates a definite shift in policy on behalf of the American ruling class. So even though their basic interests were guaranteed regardless of who won the election, the capitalists had a decision to make - who would be better suited to face the inevitable crisis facing the US and global economies, and the increasingly unstable and convulsive political situation on a world scale? Although they were bitterly split between the more openly reactionary Republican George W. Bush, and the double-faced Democrat Al Gore, after a drawn-out post-election circus, the "choice" was made. On the domestic front, we already know the kinds of attacks Bush will make on the poor, on the labor movement, women's rights, education, welfare, healthcare, etc., but what can we expect under a Bush presidency in terms of foreign relations?

There is no event in modern history to compare the terror of the morning of September 11th, 2001 to. Make no mistake, the misguided individuals who performed these acts have nothing to do with the Left, their actions are totally alien to anything genuinely Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leninist or Trotskyist. These acts of terror ended the lives of thousands of working class men and women, and in effect, have emotionally crushed their extended families. Terrorism is in direct opposition to the methods of the masses. Terrorism is a reactionary petty bourgeois method which accomplishes nothing but the further pain and suffering of the working class.

It appears we finally have a president. More than 5 weeks since election day, weeks of uncertainty and confusion, George Bush has won the presidency. What lies behind all the legislative and judicial maneuvering? What does this all mean from a Marxist perspective?

Nearly a week has passed since the US Presidential election, and still there is no declared winner. What does all of this mean? How is it possible that the vote is split almost identically between the two major candidates? The simple answer is that the two candidates are virtually identical! As we have explained many times, both the Democrats and the Republicans are essentially two sides of the same coin. Both parties are firmly in the pockets of the capitalist class - no matter who wins, the ruling class has covered all its bases by contributing $540 million in campaign "contributions" to the coffers of both parties. Both parties defend the interests of private property and the market, so capitalist interests are guaranteed no matter who wins. As Marxists we are implacably opposed to the rule of private property and the anarchic, wasteful, market economy, so there is absolutely no question of supporting a "lesser evil". As filmmaker Michael Moore points out, the lesser of two evils is still evil!

One week after what is being called the "attack on America" the aftershocks continue to be felt. The far-reaching effects of this recent terrorist attack are sending shockwave not only the through the American but also the world economy. In Monday's trading stocks were down nearly across the board (with the exception of many armaments companies!) with many investors wondering how the attack will affect the bottom line. But no sector was as hard hit by the attack or on Wall Street as the airline industry. American Airlines was down $ 11.70 to $18.00; US Air down $ 6.05 to $5.57 United down $13.32 to $17.50 - losses close to 50 percent for each and every one of the airline stocks. To try and curb the selling frenzy the airlines announced huge layoffs hoping to demonstrate that they were tightening their belts. US Air announced 11,000 layoffs and Continental Airlines announced that 12,000 of their employees would not have a job next week. These layoffs are just a fraction of the 100,000 jobs that Continental's Chief Executive said could be lost in the airline industry alone.