US capitalism is rushing to return to 'business as usual', but the new normal bears the social and economic scars of a historical crisis. The spectre of stagflation haunts this deeply indebted country; workers and youth are left with the long-term health consequences of the pandemic; and the climate crisis continues to loom over the situation. All the signs point to renewed turmoil in the future.

There are many illusions in Joe Biden, including on the left. But while he might not be as openly racist and vicious as Donald Trump, he is no friend of working people. He represents the same brutal, oppressive system of US capitalism, as did his predecessor. In this article, we answer eight lies about 'Uncle Joe': the leading representative of US imperialism.

One century ago, on 31 May and 1 June 1921, a so-called “race riot” erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Despite a brave attempt by black residents of Tulsa to fight the pogromists, an estimated 300 black people were murdered in those events. The true history of these events has been airbrushed to this day. They represent the horrific fruit of centuries of divide and rule by the American ruling class.