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David May in the United States looks back at the year 2002, and in particular at the AFL-CIO unions and their links to the Democratic Party and explains the need for a break with this capitalist party and calls for independent working class politics.

Alan Woods and Ted Grant look at how the "War on Terrorism" is unfolding, the repurcussions it is having around the world, especially in the Middle East, and the lies and distortions of the bourgeois media.

With violent anti- American demonstrations spreading from Pakistan to Indonesia and from the West Bank to Malaysia, Bush’s anti-terrorist rhetoric is becoming increasingly hollow. Rob Sewell exposes the hypocrisy of US/British imperialism and their coalition partners and reviews the deepening economic crisis worldwide.

Alan Woods and Ted Grant analyse in detail the perspectives for the so-called 'war against terrorism', the effects this will have in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, and strongly denounce the hypocrisy and double standards of Bush and US imperialism in general. September 21, 2001.

One week after what is being called the "attack on America" the aftershocks continue to be felt. The far-reaching effects of this recent terrorist attack are sending shockwave not only the through the American but also the world economy. In Monday's trading stocks were down nearly across the board (with the exception of many armaments companies!) with many investors wondering how the attack will affect the bottom line. But no sector was as hard hit by the attack or on Wall Street as the airline industry. American Airlines was down $ 11.70 to $18.00; US Air down $ 6.05 to $5.57 United down $13.32 to $17.50 - losses close to 50 percent for each and every one of the airline stocks. To try


Today is the anniversary of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. On this occasion we publish the below article, written on the day of the attack. To this day, the article remains valid on all the fundamental points.

The arrogance of US imperialism is shown by its desire to dominate every area of theglobe. Asia is of special importance to Washington's long-term economic and strategic interests. Alan Woods reviews the aims and results of Clinton's recent visit to Asia and its impact on India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan.

The hated regime of the Shah was overthrown by a workers' revolution in Iran in 1979. This article was written by Ted Grant in that same year. We are republishing it because we believe it is essential reading for any active worker or youth who wishes to understand both how the Shah was toppled by the masses and how, unfortunately, the revolution was hijacked by the fundamentalist mullahs.