Two Years of Indonesian Militan Website

The website of Militan Indonesia (, the website of the supporters of the IMT in Indonesia, is two years old. Launched on September 19th, 2009, this website has become one of the main sources for revolutionary Marxist theory in Indonesia.

It is also the one and only source of Trotsky’s thoughts in Indonesia. Since it was launched, more than 200 articles have been published and there have been over 40,000 visits to the website.

The press was one of the Bolshevik methods in building a revolutionary Marxist party. With their newspapers, Lenin and the Bolsheviks sharpened their ideological weapons and fought alien ideas that kept penetrating the workers’ movement. In this 21st century, we still have to wage this ideological battle, especially now with all kinds of so-called “Marxisms” (neo-Marxism, post-Marxism, academic Marxism, etc.) which are produced by talented professors. From Althusser to Alain Badiou, all these confused toothless “Marxian” academics cannot offer genuine revolutionary solutions to the workers, cannot offer a practical way out of the present impasse facing the labour movement.

We do not apologize when we say that we still hold fast to the fundamental ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Their works were written in the blood of the class struggle, especially the works of Lenin and Trotsky, the leaders of the first successful proletarian revolution in the history of capitalism. This is what separates these genuine revolutionary Marxists from all the present-day “Marxian” academics who always like to label themselves as “new Marxists”. There is nothing fundamentally new about capitalism. It is still governed by the same basic contradictions outlined by Marx. And now it has been engulfed by crisis in the same old manner as ever: overproduction. That is why there is no fundamental reason why we should change the workers’ ideology.

We have existed for two years, and we will keep carrying the torch of genuine Marxism until it burns capitalism to ashes.