The Venezuelan speaking tour of Alan Woods has now moved to the West of the country, kicking off at PDVSA in Zulia. Around 200 workers and revolutionary activists from Cabimas, Maracaibo and Ciudad Ojeda turned up and gave Alan a very warm and enthusiastic welcome. And again, all books, pamphlets and books were sold out.

There was a very successful presentation of Alan Woods' book in the Sidor plant, which has been nationalized by Chávez, with 550 Sidor workers attending the launch of Reformism or Revolution and many workers showing a keen interest in the ideas of Marxism and the Marxist Tendency.

On June 23 Alan Woods was in one of the heartlands of the Venezuelan industrial proletariat, Ciudad Guyana, where the country's heavy industry is based. More than 350 workers from several key industries attended the meeting and really connected with the ideas of revolutionary Marxism that were outlined by Alan.

The launch of the book Reformism or Revolution, Marxism and Socialism of the 21st Centuy (a reply to Heinz Dieterich) took place on June 21, at the Art Gallery of the Regional Legislature of Anzoategui, in Barcelona, in the presence of 90 workers, youth and community leaders. Alan Woods expressed concern that the delay in the revolution was already producing signs of apathy and disillusionment in the Bolivarian rank and file.

On Saturday, June 21, Alan Woods was invited to attend a meeting of workers in the auto sector. He addressed the meeting of more than 600 autoworkers from all over Venezuela, in Barcelona, Anzoategui. The debate and the mood among these workers revealed a high level of understanding of the tasks that need to be carried out to push the revolution forward to its final conclusion, the expropriation of the bosses.

"The task that still remains to be accomplished here for the revolution to become a reality is nothing more and nothing less than the expropriation of the land, the banks and the big monopolies; until that is done the situation will still be problematic", pointed out Alan Woods.

On Thursday June 19, another meeting was held as part of Alan Woods' visit to Monagas. In the beautiful building of the Bolivarian University in Maturín, Alan Woods held the third launch meeting of his book "Reformism or Revolution. Marxism and Socialism of the 21st Century (a reply to Heinz Dieterich)" with about 200 students and lecturers attending.

Some 200 oil workers from PDVSA listened attentively to Alan Woods launching his book Reformism or Revolution in a meeting which took place in the PDVSA headquarters in Monagas. As Alan said, "The most dangerous enemy of the revolution is within: the reformist Fifth Column."

Alan Woods' speaking tour in Venezuela is getting wide publicity coverage as this Bolivarian News Agency report demonstrates. Here the report is on a meeting with oil workers in the PDVSA building in Maturín, Monagas state. It was published under the title "British theoretician: Bolivarian revolution a source of international inspiration."

In the eastern state of Monagas in Venezuela 150 delegates, spokespersons and members of the PSUV attended the first meeting of Alan Woods' speaking tour to launch his new book Reformism or Revolution. The audience listened with keen interest revealing a very clear understanding of what needs to be done.
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