The annual National Winter Marxist Youth School of the Pakistani section of the IMT was held from December 3rd to December 5th, 2010 at Hawks Bay, Karachi. In spite of the very long distances and difficult economic situation more than 150 comrades from all over the country participated in the school with great revolutionary spirit.

On October 30 and 31, the Marxist Tendency “Militante” held its XIV Congress in the historic building which used to belong to the Mexican Communist Party in Monterrey 50, now a PRD office. The Congress took place while Mexico has been going through a severe economic recession and with large parts of its territory under the control of the drug cartels.

The Marxist paper La Riposte and the internal network of the PCF, Renforcer le PCF, renouer avec le marxisme, organised a speaking tour by Alan Woods in six public meetings, from the 11th to the 16th of October, in different parts of France. The meetings were held in Rouen, in Niort, in Toulouse, in Alès, in Lyon, and finally in Paris. The tour was a great success, and took place against the background of a rising tide of strikes and demonstrations throughout the country.

The inauguration was held on October 3 in the PPP offices in D.G. Khan at Khetran Plaza near Traffic Chowk. Almost 250 workers, peasants and students attended the ceremony. D.G.Khan Division was the worst hit by the recent floods. The cities of Jampur and Kot Addu were completely submerged in flood waters while hundreds of villages and towns were destroyed.

The 2010 World Congress of the International Marxist Tendency, which took place in Marina di Massa a seaside town in Tuscany, Italy, from 1 to 8 of August, represented a great step forward for the International.

This year's National Congress of the Workers International League, held during a historical turning point of capitalism, has marked a new period of development for the organization.

In late May, supporters of Fightback in English Canada, and La Riposte in Quebec, gathered to rally the forces of Marxism fighting the Canadian state. Over 40 young workers, students, and trade unionists gathered in Toronto to discuss the effects of the capitalist crisis and how to mobilize resistance to the bosses’ attacks. It was the largest and most successful gathering in the history of the event, with activists flying in from as far as Vancouver, and shows the growing presence of Marxist ideas in Canada.

One year after the publication of Permanent Revolution in Indonesia, the IMT with its publishing house, Wellred, is proud to publish for the first time in Indonesia Trotsky’s masterpiece Revolution Betrayed. This book will acquaint Indonesian youth with the revolutionary ideas of Leon Trotsky, especially his analysis on the bureaucratic degeneration of Soviet Union. We appeal to our comrades, supporters, and readers of around the world to help us publish this important work of Trotsky in Indonesia by donating money.