International Marxist Tendency

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Alan Woods recently spoke to a group of trade union activists in the Education sector in Mexico on "The Crisis of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Workers" in the SUTIEMS premises.

The annual Pakistani Section National Marxist Youth School was held from 31st July to 2nd August 2009 at Banjoosa in the mountains of Kashmir. In spite of the very long distances, difficult economic situation and sweltering heat, more than 150 comrades from all over the country participated in the school with a great revolutionary spirit.

2009 has been a very important year for the International Marxist Tendency and the In Defence of Marxism website. We have continued to provide analysis and updates on the most important events throughout the year and this year has so far been particularly eventful. Our struggle to spread the ideas of Marxism in this world of turmoil continues and we need your help.

On the weekend of June 5-7th, working class activists from across Canada travelled to Montreal to discuss the way forward for Canadian revolutionaries. Representatives of Fightback from BC and Ontario joined, together with the militants of the International Marxist Tendency of Quebec, in an incredibly enthusiastic meeting of solidarity and struggle.

The In Defence of Marxism web site has now been active for about ten years providing a Marxist analysis of current events, working class history, science and technology, art and culture and giving socialist activists all over the world access to the ideas of Marxism.

The second day of congress was dedicated to elaborating on the Perspectives for Pakistan, as well as a discussion on the building of the Marxist tendency, followed by a report on the work of the IMT around the world. After the congress the more than 2000 comrades left the conference hall and organised a protest rally in the streets of Lahore.

At half past nine on Friday 27th March, in the magnificent surroundings of the Aiwan Iqbal Hall, Lahore, the 2009 Congress of the Pakistan Marxist Tendency commenced its sessions in an atmosphere of tremendous enthusiasm. As the delegates and visitors poured into the hall, they shouted revolutionary slogans such as "Inqlab! Inqlab! Socialist Inqlab!" (Revolution! Revolution! Socialist Revolution!)

With the help and the hard work of a number of Indonesian activists, Leon Trotsky's Permanent Revolution was finally published in Indonesia in March 2009 by the International Marxist Tendency. The publication of this book is an important part of developing a revolutionary orientation in the Leftist movement in Indonesia through the history and the ideas of its predecessors, which had not previously been available in the Indonesian language.

The North Punjab Regional congress of the IMT's Pakistani section was held on March 8, in Rawalpindi. More than 120 comrades from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Attock, Taxila-Wah and Abbottabad areas participated in the gathering, including trade union comrades, the PTUDC, People's Youth Organization and JKNSF.

On February 22, 2009 the inauguration ceremony of Dr Lal Khan's book Pakistan the Other Story: The 1968-69 Revolution took place in the ancient city and capital of southern Punjab, Multan. The inauguration ceremony took place in the beautiful and newly constructed Multan Press Club. The event was a great success, being attended by more than 600 people.

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and The Struggle Publications organized the inauguration of "Pakistan's Other Story- The 1968-69 Revolution" at the Press Club in Rahim Yar Khan on February 14. Nearly 500 political activists, students and labourers from various industries participated in the ceremony.

With the help of a number of Indonesian activists, the IMT will be publishing for the first time the Indonesian version of Permanent Revolution(and Results & Prospects). This book will be a very important tool for the Indonesian activists to grasp the essence of Marxism, freed them from Stalinist perversion, and re-orientate their politics toward a revolutionary goal. We therefore appeal to our comrades, supporters, and readers of around the world to help us publish this important work of Trotsky in Indonesia by donating money.