The English Revolution: the world turned upside down – part seven

In episode seven of Alan Woods' video series on the English Revolution, he explains how the revolution actually began in Scotland, with someone throwing a bible at a bishop. The real action begins here.

After 11 years of tyranny under King Charles and his court clique, their attempt at religious reform in Scotland proved a serious mistake. A riot at a Cathedral turned into a revolutionary movement, organised around the Covenant, with Bishops targeted and attacked by the poor masses and forced to flee en masse. After a disastrous first attempt to impose his reform by an invasion, Charles called a new, 'short' parliament to raise funds for war with Scotland, but it continued to resist him. After scoring victories against the English, the revolutionary Scots began to push south, with Charles forced to flee all the way to York and eventually sign a humiliating peace treaty. Charles then had no choice to call another, 'long' parliament.