Title Created Date Author
25 April celebration marks 45 years since the start of the Portuguese Revolution 06 May 2019 Colectivo Marxista Lisboa
Portugal: a false recovery built on flimsy foundations 28 November 2018 Colectivo Marxista Lisboa
Bank scandal hits the “left-wing” government of Portugal 13 January 2016 Nina Christou in Lisbon
Portugal - The Government is out! The struggle continues! 12 November 2015 Nina Christou in Lisbon
Portuguese elections: shift to the left - crisis of the establishment 27 October 2015 Rui Barbosa and Arturo Rodríguez
Speech: Portugal 1974-75 - a revolution derailed (Text and Audio) 25 April 2014 Jorge Martín
Portugal: 40 years of the Carnations Revolution - when the workers touched power with their hands 25 April 2014 Anibal Montoya
Portugal: Massive anti-austerity Protest opens Way for hot Autumn 22 October 2013 Jorge Martin
Massive general strike in Portugal 27 June 2013 Ben Gliniecki
Portugal’s illegal austerity and the tasks of the Portuguese people 17 April 2013 Ben Gliniecki
Portugal: huge protests say “screw the troika – the people must rule” 05 March 2013 Jorge Martín
Portugal: government forced to retreat, workers should go on the offensive to bring it down 24 September 2012 Jorge Martín
Portugal: unprecedented demonstrations against latest austerity package 18 September 2012 Jorge Martín
Portugal: Massive demonstration against cuts and austerity 13 February 2012 Jorge Martin
Portugal: powerful November 24 general strike first step in struggle against austerity package 25 November 2011 Jorge Martin
Portugal: right wing government’s austerity cuts prepare social explosion 19 October 2011 Jorge Martín
Portugal: the general strike and the tasks of the left 29 November 2010 Brais Fernandez and Xaquin Pastoriza
Portugal: Bloco de Esquerda votes for Greek bailout loan 18 May 2010 Jorge Martin
Wave of protests sweeps Portugal 16 April 2008
The Portuguese working class is back on the scene 14 March 2007
Portugal: New wave of militancy 01 April 2004 Rob Sewell
Worker's History - Portuguese Revolution 1974 07 October 2002 Phil Mitchinson
Worker's history: Portuguese Revolution of 1974 07 October 2002 Phil Mitchinson
Portuguese elections: Right wing wins thanks to the "pro-Market" policies of the Socialist Party 23 May 2002 TM
Portugal - Early Elections Called after Socialist Defeat 15 January 2002
The Revolution in Portugal 26 October 1975 Ted Grant
The Portuguese Revolution 20 June 1974 Alan Woods in June 1974