Title Created Date Author
从解放到刑罪化:1934年后斯大林对同性恋的迫害 11 February 2019 佛莱德·韦斯顿
從解放到刑罪化:1934年後斯大林對同性戀的迫害 11 February 2019 佛萊德·偉斯頓
布尔什维克除罪同性恋——有意为之还是大意疏忽? 11 February 2019 佛莱德·韦斯顿
布爾什維克除罪同性戀——有意為之還是大意疏忽? 11 February 2019 佛萊德·偉斯頓
Marxism vs Identity Politics 28 September 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Canada: important public meeting on sexual revolution in the Soviet Union 31 May 2018 Marissa Olanick and Jessica Cassell
Letter to Stalin: “can a homosexual be in the Communist Party?” 10 May 2018 Harry Whyte
The Sexual Revolution in Russia 02 May 2018 Dr Grigory Batkis, Lecturer at the Social Hygiene Institute at the University of Moscow (1923)
Bolshevik decriminalisation of homosexuality – intentional or oversight? 18 April 2018 Fred Weston
From emancipation to criminalisation: Stalinist persecution of homosexuals from 1934 13 April 2018 Fred Weston
LGBT: Liberation and Revolution 12 September 2017 Alessio Marconi, Editorial Board of Rivoluzione
LGBT: liberazione, rivoluzione. 04 July 2017 Alessio Marconi