Title Created Date Author
India: kick out Modi in 2019 general elections 03 May 2019 Louis Thomas in Tamil Nadu, India
India: solidarity with Jet Airways workers 25 April 2019 Louis Thomas
India: 200 million strike against “anti-labour” policies 11 January 2019 Adam Pal
India: police massacre peaceful protestors in Tamil Nadu 27 May 2018 Louis Thomas
The Kisan Long March and the living hell of Indian farmers 20 March 2018 Liza Roy and Hamid Alizadeh
Nepal: reunión histórica de la CMI en Katmandú 14 December 2017 Sangharsh (CMI-Nepal)
Nepal: Historic IMT meeting in Kathmandu 12 December 2017 Sangharsh
India: Justice for worker killed by Pricol company! 27 October 2017 Socialist Voice, Coimbatore
Gandhi: los mitos detrás del Mahatma 20 October 2017 Ravi Mistry
Indian Independence: A Revolution lost 14 September 2017 Jamal Singh
Gandhi: the myths behind the Mahatma 15 August 2017 Ravi Mistry
Kashmir: Four months of a mass uprising 11 November 2016 Adam Pal
180 million #WorkersStrikeBack in India 07 September 2016 Major Singh
“Saint” Teresa of Calcutta: a fanatical stooge of the ruling class 06 September 2016 Arturo Rodríguez
Wojtyla and Teresa, or a Case of Saintly Overproduction 06 September 2016 our religious affairs correspondent
Pakistan/India: Solidarity with JNU Students and AISF - Stop State Oppression Now, Free Comrade Kanhaiya Kumar 26 February 2016 Progressive Youth Alliance - Pakistan
India: December 15 strike at Madras University 11 January 2016 A student of Madras University
General strike paralyzes India 03 September 2015 Lal Khan
PTUDC supports demands of Indian working class and 2 September General Strike 01 September 2015 Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign
India and Pakistan: Traumatic Partition and the Elusive Independence 14 August 2015 Lal Khan
India: Kashmir - Betrayal through coalition 06 March 2015 Lal Khan
India: 500,000 Coalminers strike against privatisation! 03 February 2015 Major Singh
Silver Lining in Kashmir Elections 12 January 2015 Lal Khan
Electoral disaster for Indian Left: What is to be done? Part Two 31 July 2014 Major Singh, Hamid Alizadeh and Fred Weston
Electoral disaster for Indian Left: What is to be done? Part One 28 July 2014 Major Singh, Hamid Alizadeh and Fred Weston
India and Pakistan: Trapped in the duplicitous history of the two ruling classes 17 June 2014 Lal Khan
India: A vote of despair 20 May 2014 Lal Khan
India: Poverty of the biggest democracy 23 April 2014 Lal Khan
The forsaken history of liberation 28 March 2014 Lal Khan
India: The Provocation of Modi’s Anointment 23 September 2013 Lal Khan
India: Convention of the Left Parties – Which way forward for the working class? 11 July 2013 Major Singh
India: For a Workers Front against Capitalism 05 July 2013 Major Singh
Support the Two day Indian General Strike!!! 20 February 2013 Major Singh
The Agony of India’s Growth 13 February 2013 Farhad Kayani
India’s darkness 10 August 2012 Lal Khan
The other India rises in massive general strike 05 March 2012 Lal Khan
India: Power loom workers dispute escalates 13 October 2011 Major Singh
India: Power Loom Worker's Strike Back in Punjab State 05 October 2011 Major Singh
India: Workers under attack in West Bengal 20 September 2011 Major Singh
India: The corrupt crusade against corruption! 02 September 2011 Lal Khan
Notes on the role of the state in the Indian economy 26 August 2011 Fred Weston
West Bengal: Lessons of the Defeat of the Left Front 25 May 2011 Lal Khan
India and Pakistan: A hoax called Peace Talks 27 April 2011 Lal Khan
The Curse of India’s Growth 06 December 2010 Lal Khan
The Kashmiri Intifada 20 September 2010 Yasir Irshad in Kashmir
India: Where is it going? 05 October 2009 Umar Shahid in Sialkot, Pakistan
New Delhi: Statement of the CAG, unveils a wholesome scam into Metro tragedy 21 July 2009 our New Delhi correspondent
Kashmir: Shopian double murder and rape High Court directs arrest and blood-test of four top cops but protests still refuse to die down 17 July 2009 Rajesh Tyagi in Delhi
India: Congress wins the general election – CPI and CPM punished for their class collaboration policies 26 May 2009 Rajesh Tyagi in New Delhi
India: Victims rise in unison against the perpetrators of 1984 pogroms 30 April 2009 Rajesh Tyagi in Delhi