Title Created Date Author
Danish perspectives 2019: great shifts will initiate a new period of class struggle 22 May 2019 Revolutionære Socialister
Denmark: 2019 will be the year of the Revolutionary Socialists 15 April 2019 Revolutionære Socialister
More international solidarity for Rawal Asad! 05 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
International solidarity for Rawal Asad: free our comrade! 20 February 2019 In Defence of Marxism
World’s biggest money-laundering scandal: the true face of Danish capitalism 19 November 2018 Jonas Foldager
Danish state to lock out 400,000 public sector workers: the beginning of the end for ‘class peace’ 23 March 2018 Kalle Kühlmann and Jonas Foldager
Let’s leave cynicism to the ‘old guard’ and make our own revolution 12 December 2017 Marie Frederiksen
Denmark: IMT raises the banner of October 1917 worldwide 17 November 2017 Marxist Students, Denmark
Life as a Pakistani Worker in Denmark 27 May 2016 Rasmus Jeppesen
Denmark: Hundreds of green card workers demonstrate against L169 – time to fight 24 May 2016 Jonas Foldager and Zeesean Afridi - Copenhagen
Denmark: A new stage in the class struggle 05 May 2016 Marie Frederiksen
Danish Marxists launch REVOLT – an internationalist weapon in the class struggle 04 May 2016 Adnan Khan
Denmark: Border control and tent camps - signs of a system in crisis 15 January 2016 Marie Frederiksen
Denmark: Right wing wins elections by default 07 July 2015 Jonas Foldager
Denmark: Students and apprentices prepare for increased class struggle 17 December 2013 Rasmus Jeppesen, Socialistisk Standpunkt
May Day: Social Democratic Premier booed off stage across Denmark 03 May 2013 Hamid Alizadeh
Denmark: A change in the situation 18 March 2013 Marie Frederiksen
Denmark: May Day reveals militant mood of workers and youth 10 May 2012 Anton S. in Copenhagen
Denmark: New government formed but workers’ parties must break with the bourgeois Radical Left 10 October 2011 Sosialistisk Standpunkt Editorial Board
Denmark: A New government, but still an austerity majority 30 September 2011 Marie Frederiksen
Ten years struggling for Marxism in Denmark – a successful event 30 September 2011 Jonas Foldager
Denmark: Huge mobilisation against austerity measures 10 June 2010 Frederik Ohsten
Chávez in Copenhagen: We need a world revolution 18 December 2009 Hands Off Venezuela Denmark
Denmark: The refuse collectors’ conflict - enough is enough! 05 November 2009 Reinout Bosch and Marie Frederiksen
Denmark: big protests against racist policies and police brutality 14 August 2009 Frederik Ohsten in Copenhagen
Denmark: May Day in Copenhagen 05 May 2009 Frederik Ohsten in Denmark
Denmark: 100,000 public sector workers on strike 29 April 2008
Early elections in Denmark 09 November 2007
90th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution: Esteban Volkov and Alan Woods speak in Copenhagen 08 November 2007
Esteban Volkov, Trotsky’s grandson, interviewed by the Nyhedsavisen 07 November 2007
Big event in Copenhagen to commemorate The Russian Revolution and Trotsky’s speech 01 November 2007
Denmark: Massive demonstrations for better welfare – the struggle must continue! 03 October 2007
Denmark: Militant mood at founding meeting of SUF Left Opposition 26 June 2007
Denmark: The participation of Socialistisk Arbejder Parti (SAP) in the expulsion of Marxists from the SUF 15 June 2007
Open letter to the Unity-list of Denmark (Red-Green alliance) 24 May 2007
Denmark: 26 revolutionary Marxists expelled from the SUF! 24 May 2007
Stop the expulsion of Danish Marxists from the SUF! An international appeal 13 April 2007
The Copenhagen youth riots – the blind alley of capitalism exposed 07 March 2007
Denmark: The youth house in Copenhagen – a struggle that cannot be separated from the class struggle 02 March 2007
Denmark: Massive protest movement against cuts – class struggle on the agenda 17 October 2006
Denmark: Explosive Mood with Massive Strike Movement of Public Employees 28 September 2006
Denmark: Biggest demonstrations in 20 years against so-called reforms of the government 23 May 2006
Denmark: Expulsions of Marxists from SUF rejected! 08 May 2006
May Day in Denmark 05 May 2006
Denmark - a faraway northern fairytale country? 15 February 2006
October 4th Picket in front of the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen 07 October 2005
Big protests against Bush in Denmark 05 August 2005
Danish elections: A severe defeat for the Social Democracy 14 February 2005
Danish general elections – what's at stake? 19 January 2005
The extreme right wing in Denmark 19 January 2005