Title Created Date Author
Denmark: 2019 will be the year of the Revolutionary Socialists 15 April 2019 Revolutionære Socialister
More international solidarity for Rawal Asad! 05 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
International solidarity for Rawal Asad: free our comrade! 20 February 2019 In Defence of Marxism
World’s biggest money-laundering scandal: the true face of Danish capitalism 19 November 2018 Jonas Foldager
Danish state to lock out 400,000 public sector workers: the beginning of the end for ‘class peace’ 23 March 2018 Kalle Kühlmann and Jonas Foldager
Let’s leave cynicism to the ‘old guard’ and make our own revolution 12 December 2017 Marie Frederiksen
Denmark: IMT raises the banner of October 1917 worldwide 17 November 2017 Marxist Students, Denmark
The elections in Denmark: Right wing policies lead to defeat 11 November 2001 Kasper Siegismund
The Euro-Referendum in Denmark 16 October 2000 K.Siegismund
Ten days that shocked Denmark 26 May 1998 Jordi Martorell