Title Created Date Author
Spain: Catalonia grinds to a halt in protest at police repression of independence referendum 05 October 2017 Jorge Martin
Gigantesca movilización en Catalunya contra la represión, mientras el Rey pide mano dura en su discurso al país 05 October 2017 Lucha de Clases - Corriente Marxista Internacional
Catalonia prepares for mass strike 03 October 2017 Jorge Martin
Catalonia: The masses enter the scene 02 October 2017 Jorge Martin
Catalan firefighters join students as referendum defence committees get organised 29 September 2017 Jorge Martin
Catalonia: situation heating up as day of referendum approaches 28 September 2017 Arturo Rodriguez in Barcelona
Mass rallies all over Catalonia 25 September 2017 Arturo Rodriguez in Barcelona
IMT statement on the Catalan independence referendum 25 September 2017 International Marxist Tendency
Catalonia: Committees in Defence of the Referendum are spreading 23 September 2017 Arturo Rodriguez in Barcelona
Situation in Catalonia accelerating – eyewitness report 22 September 2017 Arturo Rodriguez in Barcelona
Repression against Catalan independence referendum provokes mass mobilisation 20 September 2017 Jorge Martin
The mass movement for the Catalan referendum and against state repression 14 September 2017 Arturo Rodríguez
The independence referendum and the Catalan national question 28 July 2017 Arturo Rodríguez