Title Created Date
International Marxist Tendency World Congress demands release of Catalan political prisoners 02 August 2018
Catalonia: huge march in Barcelona to demand freedom for political prisoners 16 April 2018
Catalonia: who's afraid of the CDRs? 09 April 2018
Germany rejects Puigdemont extradition for rebellion: a blow to the Spanish regime 06 April 2018
For a Republican Anti-Repression Front in Catalonia and the Spanish state! Down with the 1978 regime! 29 March 2018
Mass response as Spanish state steps up Catalonia repression and arrests Puigdemont 26 March 2018
Barcelona rechaza a la monarquía – ¡Abajo los Borbones y viva la República! 02 March 2018
Spanish regime's assault on freedom of expression and democratic rights 22 February 2018
Spanish regime uses all means at its disposal to prevent Catalan president from being sworn in 31 January 2018
Catalan elections: Rajoy's strategy defeated 22 December 2017
Catalonia goes to the polls amidst repression 19 December 2017
Catalonia: on 21 December rise up against Article 155 and the 1978 regime – Republic, Socialism, Internationalism 13 December 2017
The struggle for a Catalan Republic—which way forward? 07 December 2017
The struggle for a Catalan Republic enters a new stage 20 November 2017
Catalonia: November 8 general strike sees CDRs take centre stage 09 November 2017
The Catalan Revolution and the tasks of the left 08 November 2017
La revolución catalana y las tareas de la izquierda 07 November 2017
Libertad a los presos políticos – No al 155 – Hay que movilizarse en todo el Estado 03 November 2017
Catalan government members jailing re-ignites mass movement 03 November 2017
Catalan Republic crushed by Spanish state - without a fight 30 October 2017


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