Title Created Date Author
Egypt: The Nile crisis and its socialist solution 24 August 2018 Dejan Kukic
Egypt: landslide victory for electoral abstention reflects collapse in Sisi’s authority 03 April 2018 Dejan Kukic
Egypt’s deadliest terror attack lays bare failures of the regime 28 November 2017 Dejan Kukic and Hamid Alizadeh
The crisis of Egypt’s youth – and what can be done about it 12 October 2017 Dejan Kukic
Egypt: A Tale of Two Islands 26 July 2017 Dejan Kukic
Al-Warraq and Egypt’s property “mafia” 20 July 2017 Dejan Kukic
The Six-Day War: Fifty years on 03 July 2017 Dejan Kukic
Terror attacks in Egypt: Who is to blame? 10 April 2017 Dejan Kukic
Terrorattacker i Egypten: vem bär skulden? 10 April 2017 Dejan Kukic
Bread riots reveal rising anger in Egypt 08 March 2017 Bahyea Shohdy
Egypt: AUC Students on Strike 17 November 2016 Youssef
Total crisis in Egypt 15 November 2016 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: The bloody hands of a weak regime 01 April 2016 Peter Cork
Egypt: Apathy eclipses Sisi's “landslide victory” 30 May 2014 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: Massive strike wave poses dilemma for Al-Sisi 04 April 2014 Hamid Alizadeh
Al-Sisi and the Egyptian Revolution 28 March 2014 Francesco Merli
Revolutionary Spontaneity and Leadership in the Egyptian Revolution – Lessons for Indonesia 16 September 2013 Ted Sprague
Egypt: SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood – Two sides of reaction 16 August 2013 Francesco Merli
Egypt: A dangerous precedent for the bourgeoisie 12 July 2013 Alan Woods and Hamid Alizadeh
The Second Egyptian Revolution - IMT Statement 04 July 2013 Alan Woods
Egypt: Morsi removed by revolutionary movement - No confidence in the generals and bourgeois politicians - All power to the people 04 July 2013 Jorge Martin
Egypt on the Verge - the Revolutionary Movement of the Masses can only trust in its own Forces 02 July 2013 Jorge Martin
Egypt: Millions on the streets marks the beginning of the end for Morsi 01 July 2013 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: Which way forward for revolutionary socialists? - Part two 03 April 2013 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: Which way forward for revolutionary socialists? - Part one 28 March 2013 Hamid Alizadeh
Egyptian Revolution, Act 2 03 December 2012 Umm Kulthum (in Cairo)
Egypt: Morsi Humiliated as Revolution raises its head once again 28 November 2012 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: The New Pharaoh Ignites Wrath Amongst The Masses 26 November 2012 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s election victory – What does it mean? 26 June 2012 Alan Woods
Egypt: How do we fight the counterrevolution? 21 June 2012 Alan Woods
Which way forward for Egypt: Class collaboration or revolution? Reply to the Revolutionary Socialists 12 June 2012 Alan Woods
Open letter to the Revolutionary Socialists 06 June 2012 The editorial board of "Freedom and Communism"
Egyptian Revolution enters new stage 04 June 2012 Alan Woods
The Revolutionary Socialists and the Egyptian elections: Marxism or opportunism? 01 June 2012 Alan Woods
One year on: the Egyptian revolution continues 09 February 2012 Brian Adams
Egypt: SCAF-organised elections will not satisfy aspirations of the masses 28 November 2011 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt – masses rise against the army generals 23 November 2011 Brian Adams
Egypt –Revolution moving into a new phase 21 November 2011 Hamid Alizadeh
Egypt: Christian and Muslim workers and youth united despite manoeuvres of the military 14 October 2011 Brian Adams
Egypt: the class war intensifies 29 September 2011 Frank Andersen
Egyptian working class organising and on the move – “a revolution within the revolution” 29 September 2011 Brian Adams
Egypt’s “Correct the Path” Friday 13 September 2011 Brian Adams
The Masses Return to the Streets in Egypt: Revolution Until Victory! 11 July 2011 Brian Adams and Viktoria Ytterström
Egypt: through what stage is the revolution passing? 25 March 2011 Jorge Martin
Egypt – End of the beginning 24 February 2011 Lal Khan
Egypt: Statement of the Maadi, Besatin and Dar el-Salam Committee for the Defence of the Revolution 18 February 2011 The Committee for the Defence of the Revolution – Maadi, Besatin and Dar el-Salam
Egypt: Mahalla textile workers go on strike and oil workers win victory 16 February 2011 In Defence of Marxism
Egyptian army manoeuvres in attempt to cut across worker protests 15 February 2011 Fred Weston
Egypt: Call for a general strike of Petrotrade workers 15 February 2011 Petrotrade workers
Some Egyptian lessons for Iranian revolutionaries 14 February 2011 Hamid Alizadeh