Title Created Date Author
Britain: People's Vote – why we oppose a second Brexit referendum 21 September 2018 Josh Holroyd
Britain: Civil Service Union (PCS) – Left prepare to select candidate 19 September 2018 Rob Sewell
May's Africa visit: dire dancing and desperation 11 September 2018 Joe Attard
Britain: Blairites run to the rescue of the establishment 03 September 2018 Rob Sewell
Britain: Defend Corbyn — Tories are the real racists 17 August 2018 Steve Jones
Trump’s UK visit: so much for the “special relationship” 16 July 2018 James Kilby
Britain: massive anti-Trump demo shows real balance of forces in society 16 July 2018 Josh Cole-Hossain
Britain: Brexiteer revolt leaves government in the balance 09 July 2018 Josh Holroyd
Why we fight for workers’ control and management 06 July 2018 Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal
Britain: National Health Service on life support 27 June 2018 Graeme Hendry, Unison steward and nurse activist
[Video] IMTV: students and workers – unite and fight! 27 June 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: Tory cuts fuel domestic violence and abuse 27 June 2018 Ellen Morton
Britain: Tory rebels retreat, preparing future crisis 22 June 2018 Josh Holroyd
Britain: Andrew O'Hagan's 'The Tower' – excusing murder 18 June 2018 Nico Baldion, chair of Kensington and Chelsea Momentum
[Video] IMTV: Grenfell, one year on – still no justice 15 June 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
#FreeTommyRobinson: are the far right on the rise in Britain? 14 June 2018 Ben Curry
The Dagenham machinists strike and the struggle for equality 08 June 2018 Natasha Sorrell
A very British coup? – UK editorial 29 May 2018 Rob Sewell
Britain: Tory civil war rages over customs conundrum 22 May 2018 Josh Holroyd
UK economy: a perfect storm 22 May 2018 Adam Booth
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