Title Created Date Author
法国:“黄背心”运动、列宁与全国总工会的“领导” 08 December 2018 IMT法国支部
法國:“黃背心”運動、列寧與全國總工會的“領導” 08 December 2018 IMT法國支部
法国黄背心运动:马克龙首次让步——让我们加强斗争! 08 December 2018 IMT法国支部
法國黃背心運動:馬克龍首次讓步——讓我們加強鬥爭! 08 December 2018 IMT法國支部
France: the yellow vests must go further! 05 December 2018 Révolution
France in a “state of insurrection” as the yellow vests advance 04 December 2018 Joe Attard
France: the yellow vests – how to overthrow the government? 30 November 2018 Révolution and K. Andriamamonjy
Video games industry workers get organised 27 November 2018 Daniel Morley
Canada: GM Oshawa closure – nationalise under workers’ control to save jobs 27 November 2018 Alex Grant
Canada Post workers under attack: solidarity needed now! 23 November 2018 Labour Fightback
Britain: dark clouds ahead for Flybe 21 November 2018 Martin Swayne, pilot and BALPA member (personal capacity)
France: the yellow vests, Lenin and the leadership of the CGT 20 November 2018 Révolution
中国政府加重打压工人和学生! 16 November 2018
中國政府加重打壓工人和學生! 16 November 2018
Chinese authorities increase crackdown on workers and students 14 November 2018 Zhan Dou Zhe
Britain: Glasgow council workers strike for equality 25 October 2018 Amy Dean and Shaun Morris
Brazil: the masses take to the streets against Bolsonaro 05 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left)
Nigerian workers begin struggle for a new minimum wage 01 October 2018
China: Marxist Society faces closure for supporting striking workers 25 September 2018 Zhan Dou Zhe
China: JASIC workers’ struggle reveals rising class tensions 17 September 2018 Parson Young and Zhan Dou Zhe
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