Title Created Date Author
Local elections in Ireland: where to now? 30 May 2019 Declan Deehan
Ireland: Bloody Sunday – one soldier prosecuted, but still no justice 03 April 2019 Fiona Lali
Irish nurses' strike and the role of union leadership 27 February 2019 Ben Curry
Ireland: Roscommon eviction unmasks a landlords' and bosses' Republic 08 January 2019 Ben Curry
Ireland abortion referendum: a mighty blow against the Catholic Church 28 May 2018 Ben Curry
Ireland: 8th amendment repealed! 26 May 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Repeal the 8th! – Irish abortion referendum rattles the establishment 24 May 2018 Kelly Joyce
North of Ireland: hard choices over a hard border 23 May 2018 Ben Curry
North of Ireland: Brexit and the Irish border 21 December 2017 Gerry Ruddy
Ireland on the tracks of a Brexit "train-crash" 09 November 2017 Ben Curry
Jobstown Not Guilty: The Irish Establishment in the dock 30 June 2017 Ben Curry
North of Ireland: What lies behind the collapse of Stormont? 11 April 2017 Gerry Ruddy in Belfast
Ireland: Bus Éireann dispute – explosive anger a harbinger of the class struggle to come 10 April 2017 Benjamin Curry
Ireland: Martin McGuinness 1950-2017 23 March 2017 Gerry Ruddy in Belfast
North of Ireland elections: a historic shift 09 March 2017 Ben Curry
The North of Ireland: Scandals, Brexit and spiralling crisis 26 January 2017 Ben Curry
The Irish establishment “celebrates” the Easter Rising – A shameful charade 29 March 2016 Alan Woods
Irish referendum – revolutionary implications 24 May 2015 Alan Woods
Ireland: Sinn Féin - filling the vacuum without any answers 03 July 2014 Fightback (Ireland)
Irish Elections 2014: Coalition woes, Sinn Féin grows, Gilmore hits the road 03 June 2014 Fightback (Ireland)
Ireland: Welfare Cuts hanging over the North 26 May 2014 Fightback Ireland
Ireland: Alan Shatter - Class Rule and the Working Class 26 May 2014 Tony Healy
Ireland: Easter Commemorations 2014 - A political malaise 17 April 2014 Eoin Gilligan and Seamus Loughlin
Ireland: Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein and the Redmondite Ghost 24 March 2014 Gerry Ruddy
Ireland: Haass negotiations reveal the contradictions within the North 24 January 2014 Fightback Ireland Editorial Board
Ireland Budget 2014: More Austerity 23 October 2013 Tony Healy
North Belfast: Denying the needs, frustrating the right 03 October 2013 Gerry Ruddy
Ireland: Junior Doctors to Strike 19 September 2013 Fightback (Ireland)
Noonan’s Budget: More austerity reveals Ireland’s Crisis 09 September 2013 Fightback (Ireland)
Ireland: The national question is a social question 09 September 2013 Red Plough Editorial Board
Ireland: The Emergence of ‘Dissident Loyalism’ 30 July 2013 Eoin Gilligan
The 1913 Dublin Lockout: The helots and slaves of an empire 12 June 2013 Eóin Gilligan
Ireland: Croke Park struggle set to escalate 30 April 2013 Fightback (Ireland)
Ireland: Croke Park 2 Deal Rejected - But this is only the beginning of the struggle 26 April 2013 Tony Healy
Thatcher: Vile Odious Woman! – An Irish Socialist Republican point of view 15 April 2013 Gerry Ruddy
The North of Ireland: The Border Poll and the struggle for Socialism 22 March 2013 Editorial board of Fightback (Ireland)
Ireland: Five unions reject Croke Park 2 - Don't give an inch! 13 March 2013 Tony Healy
Ireland: Fianna Fáil poll results illustrate Labour’s crisis 01 March 2013 Tony Healy
Ireland: Croke Park 2 - Bosses turn the screw. Reject pay and pension cuts 27 February 2013 Fightback - Ireland
Ireland: 24/7 Frontline Alliance National Rally - No more pay cuts 19 February 2013 Tony Healy
The North of Ireland: The abominations of sectarian feuds 14 February 2013 Gerry Ruddy
Ireland: Croke Park negotiations - Don’t give an inch 31 January 2013 Tony Healy
Ireland: HMV Occupation - Disobeying his masters voice 31 January 2013 Séamus Loughlin
The North of Ireland: Flag protests reveal the impasse of unionism 14 January 2013 Tony Healy
Ireland: Pat Finucane murder – report points finger at state collusion 14 December 2012 Gerry Ruddy
Ireland: Acts of War? 16 November 2012 Gerry Ruddy
Austerity in Ireland 13 November 2012 John Martin
Ireland: Enda Kenny: European what of the year? 29 October 2012 Tony Healy
Ireland: The departure of the WUAG and the impasse within the United Left Alliance 22 October 2012 Fightback (Ireland)
Ireland: Austerity and the youth - Turning insult into injury 13 September 2012 Eóin Gilligan