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Switzerland: second Francophone international school a success! 06 December 2018 l'etincelle
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses English Revolution at the Leon Trotsky Museum 26 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses 200 years of Karl Marx at the Leon Trotsky Museum 22 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
Mexico: Alan Woods speaks about world capitalist crisis at Leon Trotsky House Museum 19 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
USA: NYC Marxist School launches The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism 14 November 2018 Socialist Revolution (USA)
Sweden: successful Marxist school – an important milestone 08 November 2018 Zara Henriksson and Julia Blixt
Switzerland: Revolution 2018 – a festival of Marxist theory 26 October 2018 Flo Degen
Britain: Revolution Festival 2018 – Marxists confident for the struggles ahead 23 October 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: Revolution Festival 2018 begins today – watch the live stream! 19 October 2018 In Defence of Marxism
The forces of Marxism multiply on Canadian campuses! 18 October 2018 Socialist Fightback Students
Britain: Revolution Festival 2018 – less than a week to go! 16 October 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Red wave sweeps British universities 09 October 2018 Marxist Student Federation (UK)
Brazil: the masses take to the streets against Bolsonaro 05 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left)
Alun Morgan (1949-2018): friend and comrade 04 September 2018 Fred Weston
IMT World Congress 2018: retying the knot of history 07 August 2018 Ben Curry
US IMT Congress 2018: fighting for socialism in our lifetime! 31 May 2018 Socialist Revolution (USA)
Canada: important public meeting on sexual revolution in the Soviet Union 31 May 2018 Marissa Olanick and Jessica Cassell
Canada: defiant mood at largest-ever Fightback Congress 24 May 2018 Fightback (Canada)
Britain: Revolutionary birthday celebrations at 'Marx in a Day' 09 May 2018 Dora Domitrova
In memory of Martin Oskarsson – a militant and veteran of the Marxist movement 08 May 2018 Revolution / IMT Sweden
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