Title Created Date Author
Military strikes on Syria: what does it mean? 14 April 2018 Alan Woods
[Video] Syrian chemical attacks and imperialist cynicism 11 April 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Turkey's attack on the Kurds: who are the real terrorists? 27 March 2018 In Defence of Marxism
‘International community’ unites behind Turkey to crush the Kurds in Afrin 21 March 2018 Hamid Alizadeh
Syria: the barbarism of war and imperialist hypocrisy 27 February 2018 Alan Woods
After the defeat of Islamic State: is peace approaching in the Middle East? 11 December 2017 Roberto Sarti and Hamid Alizadeh
The stinking hypocrisy of Trump's attack on Syria 07 April 2017 Hamid Alizadeh
Syria: The battle of Aleppo a turning point in world relations 12 January 2017 Hamid Alizadeh
Syria from revolution to counter-revolution, how it happened and why - a reading guide 20 December 2016 In Defence of Marxism
The fall of Aleppo and the fog of war 14 December 2016 Hamid Alizadeh
Aleppo, Mosul and Imperialist Hypocrisy 21 October 2016 Alan Woods
Syria: Ceasefire breakdown underlines immense contradictions between the powers 20 September 2016 Hamid Alizadeh
The Ceasefire in Syria: what does it mean? 13 September 2016 Hamid Alizadeh
Erdogan pushes Turkey further into the Syrian quagmire 25 August 2016 Francesco Merli
Syria: at which stage is the war? 05 February 2016 Hamid Alizadeh
Syria: Erdogan's manoeuvre backfires 27 November 2015 Fred Weston and Hamid Alizadeh
Syria and the hypocrisy of Western imperialism 05 October 2015 Hamid Alizadeh
Why is Russia stepping up involvement in Syria? 30 September 2015 Hamid Alizadeh
Middle East crisis enters new phase: Stakes are raised across the board 05 June 2015 Hamid Alizadeh
Syria: Why is Assad Advancing? 31 July 2014 Mousa Ladqani
The Syrian Tragedy and the Imperialist Farce 11 September 2013 Francesco Merli and John Peterson
Syria - No to imperialist aggression! 27 August 2013 Francesco Merli
No to imperialist intervention in Syria! 14 June 2013 Alan Woods
Syrian masses pay the price for imperialist meddling and sectarian deadlock 16 May 2013 Reza Mohammadi
What the Assad regime was and what it has become – Part Three 14 March 2013 Fred Weston
What the Assad regime was and what it has become – Part Two 08 March 2013 Fred Weston
What the Assad regime was and what it has become – Part One 01 March 2013 Fred Weston
Syria: Reaction on both sides of the divide! 15 August 2012 Mousa Ladqani
In Defence of the Syrian Revolution: The Marxist position on the revolution and Assad’s so-called “anti-imperialism” – Part Two 16 March 2012 Farshad Azadian and Basel Sulaiman
In Defence of the Syrian Revolution: The Marxist position on the revolution and Assad’s so-called “anti-imperialism” – Part One 15 March 2012 Farshad Azadian and Basel Sulaiman
Syria: Declaration of the Free Local Council of Zabadani 29 January 2012 In Defence of Marxism
Syria: The regime is shaking - elements of dual power emerge 29 January 2012 Mousa Ladqani
Syria: Open ended general strike gains ground - a major clash is being prepared 14 December 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Syria: Assad regime beginning to crack as revolution moves to higher level 12 December 2011 Mousa Ladqani and Isa Al-Jaza'iri
Syria: While regime organises sham rallies, general strike grips vast parts of the country 27 October 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Seven months into the Syrian Revolution masses still striving for a breakthrough 12 October 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Syria reaching boiling point 08 June 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Syria: How far has the revolution gone? 11 May 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Syria: As the regime clamps down, cracks appear in armed forces 26 April 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Syria: Protests spreading across whole country and involving new layers 18 April 2011 a Syrian Socialist
Which way is Syria going? An appraisal of the moment after the Friday of Martyrs 04 April 2011 Mousa Ladqani
Syria’s Day of Martyrs – major confrontation being prepared 01 April 2011 Isa Al-Jaza'iri
Four letters from Syrian socialists 28 March 2011 Syrian socialists
Letter from a Syrian Socialist 25 March 2011 a Syrian socialist
Syria: The people have had enough - Terror will not save the regime 22 March 2011 Isa Al-Jaza'iri
New arrests of communist activists in Syria 22 February 2010 Moustafa Sakher, Communist Labor Party in Syria
US hands off Syria 03 November 2005

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