Shostakovich, the musical conscience of the Russian Revolution, by Alan Woods – published in Iran

We are delighted to be able to announce that the Iranian Exit Theatre Group based in Tehran has translated the article “Shostakovich, the musical conscience of the Russian Revolution” by Alan Woods into Farsi. This is an important and welcome development, which will make the really revolutionary content of Shostakovitch’s life and work known to a broader audience.

Shostakovich was one of the greatest composers of the 20th Century. His life spanned the stormy years of the Russian Revolution, the subsequent civil war, and the horrors of Stalinism and of two world wars. Throughout these titanic events, Shostakovich – who adhered completely to the October Revolution – gave a musical expression to the suffering, and to the hopes and dreams of the masses

We would like to once again thank Shirin Mirzanejad of the Exit Theatre Group for the important work of translating and making this text available in Farsi.

Click here for the Farsi translation of Alan Woods’ article

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