Title Created Date Author
Forces of Russian Trotskyism unite around the International Marxist Tendency! 08 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
[Video] Russia: St. Petersburg comrades condemn retirement age hike 13 September 2018 IMT correspondent in Russia
Russia: Putin's retirement age hike provokes mass protest 10 September 2018 Russian correspondent for the IMT and Joe Attard
Finland: liberals sabotage protests against Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki 29 July 2018 Pinja Vuorinen
Trump meets Putin: the world turned upside down 17 July 2018 Alan Woods
Britain: “The mouse that roared” – May picks a fight with Russia 15 March 2018 Alan Woods
[Video] May versus Putin: the mouse that roared 14 March 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Russia: Nemtsov – a symbol of the Right 02 March 2015 Artem Kirpichenok in St. Petersburg
Russian annexation of Crimea – What consequences for world relations? 21 March 2014 Francesco Merli
Russia: Stop feeding the oligarchs! 13 March 2012 Brag Kapitala
Russian Marxist leaflet: Unite! 09 March 2012 Brag Kapitala [the Enemy of Capital],
Russia after the parliamentary Election 15 December 2011 Sasha Tulsky
Mass demonstrations in Russia 12 December 2011 Alan Woods
Putin – another name for capitalism! 12 December 2011
Elections in Russia: The tide is turning 06 December 2011 Alan Woods
In memory of Vladimir Morozov – A model Bolshevik 27 August 2010 Alan Woods
Russian miners struggle succeeds 26 May 2010 In Defence of Marxism
Russian workers say: “We are tired of slavery and humiliation. Enough is enough!” 24 May 2010 Vladimir Morozov
Russia: The assassination of Stanislav Markelov 21 January 2009
The upward curve of the strike movement in Russia 14 May 2008
Russia: A miners’ strike in Severouralsk 14 May 2008
Russia: An interview with striking train drivers, summing up their experience 14 May 2008
Russian Presidential Elections: a caricature of bourgeois democracy 04 March 2008
Molecular changes in Russian society and the CPRF 04 March 2008
Russian workers begin to organize fight back against capitalism 04 March 2008
Russian Ford workers – a beacon to the working class as a whole 11 February 2008
Russia: Key strike at the Ford plant in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) 12 December 2007
50th Anniversary of the Sputnik launch: Soviet science and the advances of the planned economy 05 October 2007 Rob Lyon
The death of Yeltsin: the end of an epoch and the birth of a new one 24 April 2007
Kondopogi – past and future 20 November 2006
The crisis in the Russian left 20 November 2006
Moscow picket against election falsifications in Mexico 14 August 2006
The big freeze in Russian-Ukrainian relations 30 January 2006
Raise solidarity with the Saint Petersburg Dockworkers' strike 06 September 2005
The crisis in United Russia 15 June 2005
The red army wins again 14 June 2005
The Marxists at the recent Russian Social Forum 18 April 2005
Chechen leader Maskhadov assassinated – but nothing has been solved 11 March 2005
Russian politics after Beslan – something brewing down below 03 November 2004
In the aftermath of the storming of the school in Beslan 03 September 2004
The standoff in Chechnya continues 02 September 2004
Barbarism celebrates in the Caucasus 01 September 2004
Russia: Students are driven out of their student residence 31 August 2004
The split in the CPRF - Crisis in the Russian left movement 07 July 2004
Russia: Putin's plebiscite 18 March 2004
Putin's purge 25 February 2004
"We do not negotiate with terrorists. We destroy them." 06 February 2004
Parliamentary Elections in Russia - Putin consolidates his Bonapartist regime 10 December 2003
Alan Woods speaks in Petersburg 15 October 2003
The role of the masses during the October 1993 Moscow rebellion 06 October 2003