1917 Biographies

Title Created Date Author
Once Again: In Defence of Lenin - a reply to Orlando Figes 09 November 2017 Rob Sewell
Leon Trotsky: the life of a revolutionary 25 October 2017 International Marxist Tendency
One hundred years ago: Trotsky leaves Canada for the revolution 29 April 2017 Julien Arseneau
In Defence of Lenin 21 January 2014 Rob Sewell
Lenin's Last Struggle 23 November 2011 Alan Woods
Lenin, His Youth, and His Formation 22 April 2010 Ted Sprague
Ted Grant on Trotsky's relevance today 18 August 2006
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: The relevance of his ideas today 15 January 2004 Rob Sewell
Lenin (Encyclopedia Britannica) 01 January 1929 Leon Trotsky
Jacob Sverdlov 13 March 1925 Leon Trotsky
Lenin 01 January 1925 Leon Trotsky
Revolutionary Silhouettes 23 March 1923 Anatoly Lunacharsky