Revolution - New website of South African Marxists

We are proud to present Revolution, the website of the Revolutionary Young Marxists—the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) in South Africa.

The crisis of capitalism and the rising tide of the class struggle in South Africa is bringing with it an increasing interest in the ideas of Marxism. The international website of the IMT——is particularly popular in the country, where it is read among the youth and the labour movement.

Today, however, we are taking another step forward by introducing a new website fully dedicated to South Africa. Revolution is the website of the Revolutionary Young Marxists, the International Marxist Tendency in South Africa.

More than twenty years of bourgeois democracy have shown us that capitalism has nothing to offer the South African masses but misery and suffering. The only way out of this impasse is to overthrow the system and replace it with a democratic socialist organisation of society. The emancipation of the the oppressed masses can only be realised through a revolutionary mass movement, led by the working class, organised on a revolutionary socialist programme.

Our new website will be an important tool in the endeavour to build a Marxist force which can bring this programme and the ideas of Marxism into the mass movement. Please read more about us and contact us if you want to join us, help us, or find more information.


South Africa is a key country for the world socialist revolution. Therefore, the IMT is dedicating many resources to help the Revolutionary Young Marxists in building their organisation. This year we have paid one visit to the comrades, and we have brought one of them to our Marxist Summer School in Italy. We aim to do the same next year. At the same time, living in a very large country with low wages, the costs of books, materials and travelling to meet other comrades are very high and the lack of funds is a real problem. We urge all our readers to consider donating to the IMT winter collection in order to support this work.

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