Financial Appeal: “Reason in Revolt” for the revolutionary youth and workers of Indonesia

Militan, the IMT in Indonesia, is proud to announce publication of the Bahasa Indonesia edition of Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science this coming spring. This will be another important tool in the construction of the forces of Marxism in Indonesia, once home to the third largest communist party in the world. We appeal to the internationalist spirit of our comrades, supporters, and readers of around the world to assist us in putting this work into print by donating money.

Since the revolutionary “refomarsi” movement in Indonesia that toppled the Soeharto dictatorship in 1998, followed ten years later by the deepest crisis of capitalism in 2008, there has been an increasing demand for revolutionary literature amongst the youth and workers. In fact, the past few years have seen a significant jump in the numbers of publications of communist literature in Indonesia by different groups and indie publishers.

The youth today, who were mostly raised under the post-dictatorship period, are beginning to question the anti-communist official history. They want to know what happened in 1965-1966 with the Communist Party of Indonesia, and why millions of people were massacred brutally; they want to know why communism is so vilified while the capitalism that they are witnessing day in and day out only produces misery.

The class conscious layers of the Indonesian workers are also seeking revolutionary ideas. They are no longer satisfied with simple explanations and slogans. They want to learn about how the world works; they want to learn about philosophy, arts, science, etc.; they want to expand their horizons beyond day-to-day matters and struggles. This book will provide the Indonesian workers with the means to do that, and in fact some worker circles have already been studying excerpts of this book. This is a devastating refutation to those who said that workers are not – and will not be – interested in studying theory.

Help the Indonesian Marxists to publish Reason in Revolt

We appeal to our comrades, supporters, and readers of around the world to assist us in putting this work into print by donating towards its cost. Through this international appeal, we seek to raise $1,500 to help with the publication of this book.

Past donations from our readers and supporters have made possible the publication of Permanent Revolution (two print runs so far, in 2009 and 2013), Revolution Betrayed (2010), and the Transitional Programme (2012) in Indonesia, where these books have been instrumental in strengthening the forces of Marxism. We are counting again on the generosity of our readers, to help our comrades in Indonesia so that they can access the most important theory of Marxism and rearm themselves with the correct revolutionary perspectives. Your donation, however small it is, will go a long way.

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