Proposed Amendments to the Resolution on the War Issue

First published in 1931 in Lenin Miscellany XVII. Written between January 27 and 29 (February 9 and 11), 1917.

1. Party parliamentary deputies shall be under obligation to reject, stating their principled grounds, all war demands and credits and insist on demobilisation.

2. No civil peace; intensification of principled struggle against all bourgeois parties, also against nationalist-Grütli ideas in the labour movement and the party.

3. Systematic revolutionary propaganda in the army.

4. Support of all revolutionary movements and of the struggle against the war and against one’s own government in every warring country.

5. Assistance to every revolutionary mass action in Switzerland—strikes, demonstrations—and their development into open armed struggle.

6. The party shall proclaim the socialist transformation of Switzerland to be the aim of the revolutionary mass struggle decided upon at the 1915 Party Congress at Aarau. This revolution is the only, and really effective, way of liberating the working class from the horror of high prices and hunger, and is essential for the complete elimination of militarism and war.


Source: Marxist Internet Archive