Proclamation of support to the revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Below we publish a call for action in solidarity with the movement in Bosnia, that has been taken up across Serbia.

We invite you to the protest of solidarity with the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina because we recognize the social struggle of Tuzlak people and people of the rest of that country as our own. We also realize that the problems behind this struggle are present in all societies beset with the plunder and devastation, under so-called "European integration" or "transition".

They promised us economic development and new jobs, but brought only sackings and deindustrialization!

They promised freedom of movement and travelling within Europe, but brought us to a point where riding the bus to the next city is considered to be a luxury!

Those who call themselves “job creators” destroy jobs and lower wages on a daily basis!

Bourgeois politicians, both in power and in opposition, all represent the same ideology and differ only in their personal interests and the interests of their respective cartels. They quarrel when it comes to sharing the loot, but are as one when it comes to crushing and demonizing striking workers and students who are fighting for lower tuition fees and better education!

Now they are hell-bent on introducing the new labour law – which will further reduce the living standards of all those who live by their own labour and not the labour of others. Also, with the new strike law they are attempting to prevent all workers’ struggles!

These problems are present in the neighbouring republics as well. The struggle of the working people in Tuzla and the social demands they have put forward – among them the annulment of privatizations and the reduction of the salary of state officials – are a bright example of popular power and an inspiration to us all!

At the same time, the sabre-rattling of the EU dictator in Bosnia, Valentin Inzko – who felt entitled to threaten demonstrators with using EUFOR troops to crush their revolt – exposes all the hypocrisy and arrogance of the EU apparatus, whose fundamental purpose lies in the abolition of workers’ rights and the defence of the interests of capital –above all German capital!

The EU bootlickers in Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Belgrade were no better as they were going to lengths spreading nationalist paranoia in order to divide the demonstrators. Some say that the purpose of the demonstrations is the dissolving of Republika Srpska (Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ed.); while others claim that it’s the weakening of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (The other political entity of the country consisting of several cantons of Serbs, Croats and Bosnians - Ed.).

They have all united in demonizing the popular revolt! The reason for that is fear. Our common struggle is their biggest nightmare! The popular social revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina thus tells us three things:

  1. Working people in the Balkans have the same problems and a common interest.
  2. The united forces of world imperialism and local nationalist enemies of the working class are hindering our struggle against these problems.
  3. The time has come to unite in a common struggle against common enemies and for the resolution of common problems!

Down with the EU and its oligarchic regimes!

Down with capitalism, privatizations and bosses!

Long live the struggle of the people in the Balkans!