[Podcast] Why we are communists

More and more workers and youth all over the world are being drawn to the ideas and banner of communism, much to the anger and anxiety of the bosses, bankers and bourgeois politicians. The final episode of the International Marxist Radio podcast explains "Why We Are Communists". You can watch a video of the discussion on our YouTube channel and listen to the audio version on your preferred podcast streaming platform.

With capitalism at a total impasse, and no end in sight to wars, economic hardship, state violence and oppression, the growing enthusiasm for a revolutionary alternative is hardly surprising. The inspiring legacy and accomplishments of the October Revolution of 1917, and the heroic lineage of generations of communists struggling for a better world, offer a beacon of hope to humanity amidst the chaos and catastrophe of capitalist crisis.

But what is communism? What does it mean to be a communist in the 21st Century? In our final episode of International Marxist Radio (the official podcast of the International Marxist Tendency), our host Joe Attard and guest speaker Ben Gliniecki (a leading member of Socialist Appeal, the IMT's British organisation) discuss these questions.

Looking at the tumultuous events on the world stage, they address the increasing radicalisation of young people in particular, who are only further drawn to communism when the ruling capitalist class and its mouthpieces attempt to discredit it! They also discuss the IMT's highly successful 'Are You A Communist?' campaign, which is drawing big numbers of people into our ranks, helping to build the forces of genuine Marxism.

If you are inspired by this discussion and want to get involved, reach out and get organised! Start fighting for communism in our lifetimes today!

Note: while this is the final episode of International Marxist Radio, a new IMT podcast, The Spectre of Communism, will launch in coming months. SUBSCRIBE and keep an eye on your preferred podcast platforms for the new show!

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