[Podcast] Towards a Third American Revolution?

The recent period in the USA has been highly eventful. From the Trump presidency, to the Sanders movement, to BLM and the George Floyd protests, to the storming of Capitol Hill, the ‘Land of the Free’ is more polarised than it has been for decades. Poverty, racism and inequality are rampant; and seemingly not a month passes without another terrible mass shooting. The American Dream has turned into an American Nightmare for millions. What we need is a Third – Socialist – American Revolution!

This week, International Marxist Radio welcomes John Peterson, editor of Socialist Revolution, the website and section of the International Marxist Tendency in the United States. John discusses the developments in the USA over the last few years that have led the ruling class to its current impasse.

Unlike liberals or conservatives, who weep in despair at the state of the country, the Marxists are throwing themselves into the struggle to overthrow this ailing system. The crisis has shown the need for a revolutionary transformation of the USA!

Listen to John’s podcast series on the US Civil War, better described as the Second American Revolution: https://socialistrevolution.org/audio-the-american-civil-war-pt-1-revolution-and-counterrevolution/

Read his article on the same topic in issue 38 of the In Defence of Marxism magazine: https://www.marxist.com/magazine.htm

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